How to use crystal in Feng Shui

By admin / June 29, 2011
By: James Yao
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In Feng Shui, Crystal Stone also said feng shui stone, because of the natural Crystal gather hundreds billion years Reiki of the world. A variety of natural elements from the crust precipitation, Then after countless years of refining of, format of a variety of crystals, Each crystal represents a different energy frequency, And produces different magnetic fields and functions. In Feng Shui, Crystal according to the five elements Elements truth, Health Feng Shui, on the evolution of the most important metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Five Elements Health
Gold grows water, water grows wood, wood grows fire, fire grows earth and earth grow gold.

Five Elements conflict
Gold conflict wood, wood conflict earth, earth conflict water, water conflict fire and fire conflict gold.

「Gold」, 「Wood」, 「Water」, 「Fire」, 「Earth」Five Elements Health and conflict, Evolution of all things, After the formation of all things, Shape, color reflected the inherent characteristics of the Five Elements.

Representative of the color: White, gold green, blue, pink, black, blue, gray and red, purple yellow, coffee.
Color damage life, Equivalent to Five Elements conflict, Color enrich life, Equivalent to Five Elements Health. If the character lacks a certain element in the Five Elements, Most of the feng shui instructors will teach you to select the appropriate crystal to resolve. Additional, The mansion is in the same geographical, If feng shui home, whether because of the people, places, and things changed the original air, or had no good, Most will also take a strong magnetic field using the crystal to change the feng shui energy. Honestly to say, Feng Shui and Feng Shui geography theory, really too profound.

How to use crystal for feng shui
◆ The Home safe flow of wealth: In the four corners of the house hanging a crystal ball or put white cluster, Can form a protective gas for home field, not only ward off evil and maintenance security and peace, More conducive to smooth airflow and wealth.
◆ Accumulated wealth gas to improve the feng shui melt the ghost: Amethyst cave put the home not only melt the ghost, Can also gather a blessing, enrichment gas.
◆ Townhouse from evil spirits and flourish: The financial position or at home, put a white clear quartz cluster, Both the townhouse from evil spirits to ward off evil, But they can be made more prosperous.
◆ Steady increase in emotional intelligence of students: The student's desk or bedside put amethyst, Intelligence can be developed and improve the intuitive; Can also relieve eye pressure caused by reading.
◆ Anti-television, computers, microwave radiation: In television, computer, next to the microwave radiation can reduce by the clear quartz cluster.
◆ Entrance face to the corner, tree trunks, utility poles, Can be put at the door hung a large crystal ball or crystal clusters, crystal pillar, to resolve the evil.
◆ The toilet door face to the living door: Hanging crystal ball in the toilet door to defuse the bad smell.
◆ Cross beam up the bed: Available under the beam hanging a large white quartz cluster or point, Resolve the press of the cross beam.
◆ Business booming and a great gathering of distinguished guests: In the four corners of the business premises put a malachite to help attract guests, The counter, rose quartz or amethyst put increase the popularity business edge.
◆ Strong for the wealth request: Business premises, office or home up seven yellow crystal or Phantom array, Is a good way for wealth, yellow crystal attract unexpected money, Phantom create a career and wealth.
◆ Integrate emotion and promote marriage: Put the pink crystal in the bed can promote the integration of emotional, Pink crystal for the family, friendship, love has a role in adaptation. Love can provoke and promote marriage.
Crystal and birthday
◆ Born in January, February of the traditional Chinese calendar, Belong to the Five Elements of wood, Better to boost their own choice is wood crystal, Do not to choose a gold crystal.
◆ Born in April, May of the traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the Five Elements of fire, Better to boost their own choice is a water crystal, Do not to choose a wood crystal.
◆ Born in July and August of traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the Five Elements of gold, Better to boost their own choice is fire crystal, Do not to choose a water crystal.
◆ Born in October and November of the traditional Chinese calendar, belong to the Five Elements of water, Better to boost their own choice is fire crystal, Do not to choose an earth crystal.
◆ Members may be surprised, Why I never have mentioned the earth life people? Lunar March, June, September and December born are the soil life of people , The teacher explained, Everyone needs to survive riding in the land, means earth life may meet with any property of the crystal.

Now we to learn the masterly analysis the Five Elements represented by the various crystal properties.
1) Black, white, transparent crystal belong to gold and water, gold stand for Strong, dynamic, water stand for smooth and more evasive.
2) Citrine belongs to the earth of the five Elements, stand for the wealth.
3) Purple, pink crystal belong to fire, stands for Relationships. The pink Crystal also helps popularity.
4) Green, Blue Crystal belongs to the wood of the five Elements, On behalf of the flexibility.

My name is James, Engaged Energy Stone Healing for five years, Proficient in the classification of various energy stone, Physical therapy effect, etc. In this process, Energy stone in my heart getting heavier and heavier weight,and I get more and more profound understanding of them. Like love flowers,Love the energy stone;Like play with seawater,play with energy stone;Like a friend, contact with energy stone,Because, We are all part of the Earth, Mutual understanding, Mutual sharing,There Energy arises spontaneously. I hope to share all of what I learned from energy stone.
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