How To Cure Your Fear Of Heights

A fear of heights can be extremely debilitating depending upon how severely you are affected. Each person is unique and will experience the symptoms of fear in their own individual way.

A friend described to me how heights made her feel as if she was being "sucked into them". She vividly described the sensations she experienced as a child when venturing onto a balcony at her own family home. This particular balcony was not protected by a solid wall, but rather one horizontal railing supported by several vertical posts.

Despite being almost paralyzed by fear she felt herself being pulled towards the edge, as if she was going to be sucked through the railings and fall into the abyss below. Even as she tried to back away into the safety of the house she could feel an invisible force pulling her forwards to the edge of the railings.

Much later in life my friend now experiences these exact same sensations in situations where she is above ground level and there is some sort of open balcony or open vista unprotected by a solid wall. So long as she cannot see "down and through" a barrier, heights do not affect her negatively in any way. In certain situations she has learned that so long as she doesn't look down, and instead keeps her line of sight directed to a distant horizon she will also be perfectly fine.

This also demonstrates how each person finds their own ways of working around their fears and finding their own way of coping. Some people manage this so well that their fears rarely affect them at all. Other people aren't so lucky and live a life whereby they feel imprisoned by their fears.

The more your fear of heights affects you the harder you tend to search for a cure. There is one big obstacle that usually gets in the way. Most people who suffer from intangible problems, like fears, tend to simply think, "This is just how I am" and "There is nothing I can do about it". Thus, despite seeking a cure and desperately wishing for a cure they secretly believe that there is no such thing.

This type of underlying belief really does create a huge barrier to finding a cure. Unnecessary fears are in the first place caused by another erroneous belief system that was originally created as a result of some past experience. The experience that lies at the root of your fear may reside in your conscious or your subconscious mind. You may or may not be consciously aware of it.

To be able to cure your fear of heights (or cure any other fear of phobia) you have to find a way in which to change these belief systems. Hypnosis is a particularly useful tool in this regard as it allows the user to access their subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where deep-rooted beliefs and expectations are stored. It is from this inner part of your mind that your fears are triggered.

Hypnosis is natural and it is easy to use. There are no negative side effects either. If you suffer from a fear of heights why not try hypnosis?


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