Introduction to Healing Reiki

By admin / June 29, 2011
By: James Yao
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Healing Reiki has long been generally accepted, And have become a fashion. The number of the world to learn Reiki over three million, Many of them is scientists, doctors, various types of natural therapies, Many medical organizations have this treatment as a top-SPA, special therapies, Many medical institutions even take Reiki courses included one of"continuing education credits CEU" .

Reiki, Intended to refer to the cosmic energy. Reiki is a healing using the energy of the universe, health, cultivation method, Is the world's proven natural medicine in the most simple, most efficient, most convenient, best energy therapy system. compared to the qigong, Dan Road, magic, meditation, yoga and other traditional cultivation method, it has many advantages.Firstly, Specific operation is very simple, one can understand,.learn and use easily;Then is effective,everybody after receiving Reiki energy starts. can get medical treatment capacity at the spot.For more,it is convenience. not engage in idol worship, no space occupied, regardless of time constraints,.do not speak any discipline, does not exclude the personal beliefs.Fourth, once open the Reiki energy piping helped by a mentor, Without too many ad hoc practice,.24 hours a day are automatically absorb cosmic energy to enhance themselves, Especially suit for the busy modern people.Fifth,it is safe, Aura does not exist a biases and obsessions, nor is there any side effects, Reiki energy comes from the universe, Reiki healing with no damage to ourselves own strength.Last but not least,it is magical, Reiki energy can transcend time and space, can function in patients with distant. Can also eliminate childhood trauma, But also to improve our future life, Lead us to success. These effects through millions of fans for many years Aura validation, Indeed true and reliable. Without a doubt, Any treatment is not a panacea, Although Reiki is an excellent natural therapy, But can not replace mainstream medicine! With severe trauma, bacterial infections, various types of patients in acute exacerbation, treatment should be rushed to a hospital.

Some people may ask, Reiki speaks so magical, What is it scientific basis? It can be said, On scientific principles, It is the key of Reiki therapy better than a natural therapy.
Made by the modern quantum mechanics, Energy is natural that the underlying. All material is the energy of different frequency after the show superimposed. Thence, People's physical, mental and emotional energy is a combination of vibrating at different frequencies. If this vibration is close, Body and mind will feel uncomfortable or uneasy; If this vibration is soothing, We will be able to enjoy physical and mental health, abundance, life satisfaction and happiness.Scientists study humanities and confirmed, The human body has seven energy centers or chakras, These chokers are closely related to psychological mood, energy to run and the endocrine system. In everyday life, Because of something we often have a negative psychological and emotional, These emotions can cause adverse psychological corresponding chakra energy blockage occurred, the Chakra blockage would lead to physiological disorders, Then so many diseases follow. Fortunately, The blocked can be melted and penetration of Reiki energy. In this process, Stagnation began to decay and release energy, Person's physical, psychological, spiritual began to recover and become stable, peaceful.

Given animal Reiki
Animals love Reiki, You can hold it like a baby as hold, send Aura. Usually its Anahata Chakra with one hand, The other hand on its Sahasrara Chakra, to transmit Reiki. Most animals’ Sahasrara Chakra not in its head, But it falls on the ears after a little. When sending Aura to a dog or cat, You can help it a bit, Let it feel the love and energy. A day to give your pet 5-10 minutes auras, Can help your pet's health and your relationship.

 Aura given plant
Plants also have like Aura, You can reach them by the leaves or stems transmit Reiki, You also can pre-plant Reiki transmitted first to the land planting. For potted plants, You can hold the pot, Reiki energy is transmitted directly to the roots and the soil.

Reiki and Crystal

 Reiki can be used as clean energy and added for crystal. Placed crystal in the palm, The idea was once the top of your Reiki energy of the incoming round your body, Transferred through your palm to the crystal. The meditation Reiki energy inside the crystal rotation, brings out the unnecessary energy and memory from the crystal. And then add Crystal Aura Energy, Meditation Reiki energy lead crystal full of light, Then put your information into the crystal along with the Reiki energy, And the meditation the success of information.


My name is James, Engaged Energy Stone Healing for five years, Proficient in the classification of various energy stone, Physical therapy effect, etc. In this process, Energy stone in my heart getting heavier and heavier weight,and I get more and more profound understanding of them. Like love flowers,Love the energy stone;Like play with seawater,play with energy stone;Like a friend, contact with energy stone,Because, We are all part of the Earth, Mutual understanding, Mutual sharing,There Energy arises spontaneously. I hope to share all of what I learned from energy stone.
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