How Self Help E-books are Helping Christians Put Their Lives Back Together

By admin / May 29, 2010
By: Barbara Taylor
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As a society today, we learn a lot of things. We learn that it's okay to stand on our own. We learn that real people can juggle family, jobs, bills and friends while simultaneously going to school and starting our own Internet business, and they do it without ever dropping the ball. We learn that the best type of person is one who's always there for their friends and never asks for anything in return.

Is it any wonder so many of us live on coffee and stress? Superman couldn't live up to these expectations! Nobody wants to be a martyr, but with people pushing on us from every direction it's hard to know which way to turn. If this sounds like you, there's no shame in reaching out to a self help e-book.

To paraphrase a popular teenage television show, sometimes the most grown-up thing we can do is ask for help. Ideally we'd feel free to reach out to our friends and family for that help, borrowing an extra set of hands to juggle household chores and responsibilities while we wear the many hats we're expected to wear. We can turn to professionals for help with depression and psychoses, and nothing beats getting down on your knees and asking the Lord for guidance.

And we can reach for the many self help e-books designed specifically for Christians to help us get our feet back on the straight and narrow and find the path that we've lost.

What can self help e-books do that friends and family (and your neighborhood psychiatrist) can't? They can offer you the anonymity you need to find your path. Many times when we're floundering we refuse to turn to our friends and neighbors because we don't want to be a burden. More importantly, we don't want to appear weak.

When you pick up a self help e-book, nobody's judging you. You have the voice of a professional in your ear carefully walking you through the steps of your problem and what solutions are available to you. They can offer guidance and direct you to places in the Bible where you can go for spiritual strength when you continue to struggle-and you will continue to struggle until the heart of the issue is resolved. The important thing is that self help e-books can help you take the first step on your journey of a thousand miles that you might not have had the courage to take otherwise.

If you have a problem in your life, seek help from the ones that love you and from the great Physician. Nothing replaces building your network of friends and going to the lord on your knees. Just remember, there's no shame in reaching out to the self help e-books out there to give you the strength you need to start looking for the answers you desperately need to find.

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