Are You Being Ripped Off By Your Own Mind?

By admin / July 3, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Everyone hates being ripped off. But what happens when it is your own mind which is causing you to be short changed? This is in fact the biggest cause (by far) of people being totally and utterly ripped off. Despite this, it is ironically the one form of rip off which most people do not allow themselves to become aware of.

Oh yes, we notice when we pay what we consider is too much for something, or when hidden charges suddenly appear when you hit the "pay now" button. People really dislike that concept of "plus plus" (which equates to service charge and state tax) or extra taxes added on to the top of an already astronomical airplane fare.

We do not like these things at all, do we? Many people become so suspicious of rip off merchants that they accuse others of things they have not done. They just so expect to be ripped off that this is what they see, whether this is in fact the case or not.

For example many people purchase items on the Internet which are designed to be sent to you by return email. Unfortunately your own email "checker" can sometimes think that such automated emails (particularly those which contain active links) are junk and they end up in the junk mail box. Those on the look-out for rip-offs find it all to easy to write a quick and angry email demanding an immediate refund, before even considering the concept of checking their own junk mail folder.

As a therapist you also notice the different attitudes between presenting clients. If the first question is "how much is it?" they have usually got their priorities in the wrong order. If this is followed "Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?" then you definitely know that this is not a focused and positively minded client. And therapy, like most other things, tends to proceed more successfully with a more positive and motivated client.

And this is the type of thing I refer to when I say that the biggest rip off is usually performed by ones own mind. If you present for therapy with a negative mindset and do not make an effort to change it, you are effectively ripping yourself off. If you start a job with a mindset of "giving it a whirl" instead of "giving it your best" you are again ripping yourself off.

With anything in life the major key to success is that if you choose to do it you will only achieve your maximum potential if you approach it with your maximum effort.

Negativity and fear both derive from within your own mind, and these are feelings which stop you from doing your best. Allowing yourself to be either negative or fearful are primary ways in which many, many people become ripped off by their own minds.

Everyone can choose to change but first they have to become aware of what they are doing to themselves. Starting to see these feelings as rip off merchants is a helpful place in which to start the process of change. Instead of thinking "this is how I am" you can change this thought to one which is rather more empowering; you can make a commitment to yourself to not allow your own mind to short change you any more.

Self hypnosis is a great way in which to assist yourself in making this type of change of mind set. It allows access to your subconscious mind and so enables change of automatic thought patterns and their associated feelings and behaviors. Needless to say, it works far better if you give it your best shot instead of just giving it a whirl.

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