Men Dont Stray into Infidelity, They Wade into It

By admin / December 8, 2007
By: James Walsh
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From those ancient accounts, to the proven modern day infidelities of Bill Clinton or Prince Charles, men have been cheating on their wives regularly.

Statistics have only further quantified this behaviour of male infidelity. Three out of every four men, have at some point or the other, in their marriage cheated on their spouse. The majority of these three men have done so, within the first four years of their marriage. That's pretty bad news for the institution of marriage and the holy cows attached to it.

Blaming it on the genetics! Since it is prevalent in the animal kingdom for the male to sire offspring through different females and (even through his own progeny), to ensure survival of the species, this trait may have been stamped into the genetic coding of the human male too, but what made sense then, is not a necessity now -- an undesirable hangover from the past.

The predominant reason for male-initiated extramarital affair, though not so easily admitted by most males, is the perceived wonderful physical relationship with a beautiful, preferably single female. Naturally, the object of his desire is seen by him, as being more beautiful than his wife. Men are focussed on the physical aspect of the marital relationship, whereas women desire emotional support and companionship. The internal wiring itself is different!

Current lifestyles, deterioration in established moral values and the availability of technology, have actively aided in male infidelity. No furtive looks to see if anyone is watching, because you can jet out of town saying that it is a sales call. Cell phone and Net connectivity have made the infidel husband highly mobile and responsive to the summons of his tucked away lover. Technology and financial stability have made extramarital affairs, almost effortless. Most men think they will get away with their extramarital affairs (two-thirds). Society today, is too busy to castigate these wayward ways which can endanger society. Remember Rome .

When the Vice President of your company can have a roaring affair with his secretary and many of your married colleagues are having half-day trysts with girlfriends, you can't give the impression of an untouchable, can you? It's as macho and cool as Clint Eastwood dangling a cigarette between his lips, in those unforgettable Westerns.

Men just do not learn sufficiently enough to let go of their biological impulses. The preening male is forever careful about how he carries himself in front of the female. He desires the attention and the feeling of "Yeah, I can still turn heads'. The "thrill of the chase' during courtship is very hard to forget, because of the adrenaline, sense of power and the prize at the end of the chase. The feeling of setting out to "conquer' is ever present. One lingering look at the trophy is all that it requires to start the "chase'. It's a challenge to be overcome. To hell with the rest of the family.

She's one helluva hen! A peck here, a peck there, but all the time pecking. She's got no dress sense and I feel ashamed the way she behaves in public. She can't even cook a decent meal to save her life. Jesus, there must surely be a woman out there for me. The woman just can't get anything right. Your habits or domineering attitude can successfully chase your man into the welcoming arms of another female. This is one of the less repeated reasons for male extramarital intentions.

Then there's the opportunist (or the male sponger), who is in it for money. The rich female is bored and needs a toy to pass time or a male to feel physically attractive. The male is also comfortable as he is getting paid in the currency he wants and there is not much emotion or love involved. Something very mechanical, to meet each other's needs, without any serious commitments. Moreover, the males involved in such infidelity are not morally very strong or possess strength of character.

Some men take it as a birthright to sample the prospective wares before they settle for one. So this category of men, keep getting in and out of relationships, irrespective of their marital status. Rotten before marriage and rotten after it too! God help them.

It's all in the genes.

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