Spiritual Guides: Fear – Fear Is An illness

By admin / December 8, 2007
By: Bess S. Permut
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This is a meditative prayer to be said each night for one month before you lay your body down to rest for the night:

"I see tremendous colored balloons filled with helium. These balloons are carrying all of my troubles, all of my frustrations, all of my heartache up and away. These balloons float higher and higher away from me until the sky is a clear blue. Now, I am free and have no fears."

We must educate ourselves to think along these lines each evening before releasing our spirit to the Father. The Father works to cleanse the mind of all ill-conceived thoughts during this period of time. Enter into blissfulness with the Father, allowing your body, soul, and spirit to rest with Him.

Love is the demonstration of the Lord's way of life. That is the way He meant mankind to live - with love of oneself and for all of mankind. To preserve life and to elevate the quality of life is to rid one's mind of illness. When we understand how to rid our minds of illness, we begin to understand how the Father meant us to live.

The most pressing problem for mankind is to learn how to get rid of fear. Fear is the devastation felt and seen among men. Fear is what causes illness, for it places the complete body, the psyche, into disarray, setting loose forces within the psyche or mind of mankind known as "psychosomatic illness".

We must look ahead without fear, having deep faith. The Father observes the cause of the unrest within us and He sets up guards to diffuse the problems. We should have faith and try to understand His teachings, the teachings of truth. Fruit comes to those who believe; fruit comes to those who try to help themselves by exploring their own mind, by simulating the Lord's mind within themselves.

Diffuse your troubles by believing first in the Father, second in His obstinacy to treat all men equally. He tries so hard to diffuse and rid your mind of troubles. He tries to lead us and get us back on the pathway of life again, once we stumble and fall. We must listen very intently to His thoughts. He is diffusing our thinking with thoughts of love, and He fills our lives with understanding of how to help ourselves. We must learn to listen more intently and follow His guidance. There is no illness on earth created by the Father!

The individual inflicts punishment upon his own body by ill-conceived thoughts because of frustrations; because of things he wants to obtain—things he thinks he cannot bring to fruition. Once we establish the cause of our frustration, it is very easy to rid ourselves of it by facing it frontally and listening to the Father for the cure. It is all there, instant relief, because we can rid our minds of all ill-conceived thoughts.

Every man can change his complete life around if he will but listen, work for a change, and have faith that with the Father's help, it can be accomplished.




Affirmation: Say to yourself, "I will live close to the Father daily. I will sense His will. I will sense His thinking. Trouble cannot come into my life as long as the Father assures me of this truth, for then I can assure myself of a happy life without fear. My life shall be an example among mankind. No harm can come into my life. He lives close to me, to show me the way out of all my troubles. I evince no fear, for the Lord watches over me."

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