10 Ways To Take Care of Yourself That Do Not Cost Money?

By admin / December 8, 2007
By: Kim Knight
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Most people do not spend enough time on self-care. They think it is selfish and self-indulgent. This could not be further from the truth. My experiences have shown me that when I do take care of myself in the ways that I need to, it is only then that I am truly capable of being of real service to someone else.

What are some practical and empowering ways of taking care of yourself?

  1. Voice you feelings. Don't keep them inside you. Share your accomplishments or disappointments with someone you trust. Remember that when you express your feelings, it is then that you can change them.
  2. Do not compare yourself with others. This kind of jealousy causes self-disgust. Do not think others are better than you. If there is someone you admire, use them as a model to improve yourself.
  3. Take time to play. Play is any activity that makes you feel good. You not only deserve it, it is essential to a balanced state of well-being.
  4. Learn to say no. When you become more comfortable with saying no to others you will find that your self-esteem improves. When you then choose to say yes to others, you will want to and you will feel great and energized by your choice.
  5. Exercise. Go for a walk. Ride a bike. Take the stairs. You don't need to go to a fancy gym to break a sweat. There is nothing like some physical activity to help shift yourself from a mood of despair to one of hope. Remember you are only a human being doing your best.
  6. Don't let others put you high up on a pedestal. When this happens they expect you to be perfect and they feel angry and disappointed when you let them down.
  7. Please remember to laugh, laugh at everything, especially at yourself. Try it! It is the cheapest and most effective form of medicine for life.
  8. Practice being an encouraging and kind person. Find 2 people today you can help out in this way. When you do this, you will not only feel amazing, but it will kick up your self-esteem a notch or two.
  9. Take up a hobby. What is one thing you have always wanted to try out? It could be oil painting, learning a foreign language; taking flying lessons ... the list is endless. Creativity helps you unleash a sense of enthusiasm and zest for life. Put time aside for your spiritual life.
  10. Slow down. Practice sitting quietly. When thoughts crop up, acknowledge them but do not pay attention to them. Be still. Be courageous and if a traditional religion has not been helpful for you follow your own spiritual path.

As an action plan for the week, how about choosing 3 tips from the list of 10 below? Put them into practice everyday and take note of how it affects your week.

"Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, and be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human." Anthony Robbins

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