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By admin / July 10, 2007
By: James Walsh
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If a partner is dissatisfied with marriage, the partner has the option to walk out. Thus, divorce is often seen as the answer to end misery, dissatisfaction and suffering. Divorced couples argue that even children are happier with satisfied completely separated parents rather than being with parents who fight and do not agree with each other all the time.

Further, people are changing the way they seek divorce. The rise and rapid growth of technology has seen a growth in online divorces. Social psychologists state many reasons for the growth of online divorces.

  • The birth and advance of technology has propelled people to seek the easy way out. Online divorces offer easy accessibility via the Internet.
  • The increase of student population has seen a rise in the number of divorces. Students marry for the wrong reasons at a young age i.e. for security, money, short term passion and stability through student life. But, once they leave the portals of education and begin to climb the career ladder, marriage becomes an impediment and they divorce.
  • People no longer have the time and energy to go and see a solicitor and pursue divorce the traditional way. They find traditional divorce lawyers intimidating and prefer to do it themselves in a painless, quick and convenient manner. Further, online divorces offer couples the freedom of privacy and to do their divorce at their own pace. The time spent in travelling to a solicitor's office can be spent in career pursuit. Hence, online divorces save money, time and provide couples the option to select and prioritise issues. In other words, couples call the shots in an online divorce and are not at the mercy of the solicitor.

<b>Divorce Firms</b>

An important consequence of the boom in divorces has been the spurt of divorce firms throughout the .

<b>DivorceOnline:</b> This online divorce firm established in 1999 guarantees affordable and quick divorces. The primary aim of the firm is to offer peace of mind to the divorcing couple and children by making the divorce process painless and amicable. The firm's legal team further states that it first tries to delve into the background. If it finds out that the divorce reasons cited are not genuinely valid and can be sorted through communication, it offers both parties the olive branch. Its social worker and counsellor try to sit the couple down and reconcile their differences.

If mediation and negotiation fail, the firm's legal team initiates the divorce proceedings promptly. This includes material documentation, interviews with social worker and finally a court scheduled hearing. The firm recommends that couples pursuing contested divorces meet and discuss all issues. In The firm has tied with Divorce Aid to offer free legal advice to students and couples below the poverty line. The firm deals in all divorce-related matters including:

  • Financial Settlements
  • Child Custody
  • Review of financial settlements

<b>Family Law Solicitors:</b> This family firm, headed by barrister Christian Khan believes that initial divorce meetings ought to be face-to-face. The firm deals with divorce cases in London and its suburbs. Its areas of interest include:

  • Divorces - contested and uncontested divorces
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Financial Settlements including alimony
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Child Abduction by non-custodial parent
  • Separation Agreements
  • Reconciliation including mediation and negotiation

<b> Dawson Cornwell Solicitors:</b> The Dawson Cornwell firm is located in London . Initially established as a one-man firm in 1972, the traditional law firm has diversified becoming one of the top divorce firms in the . The firm employs more than 12 lawyers offering expertise on English law regarding divorce issues. The legal team is also well-versed in international divorce law offering separation and divorce advice to British citizens resident in foreign countries. The key areas of work are:

  • Divorce law
  • Separation Agreement
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Reconciliation including mediation and collaborative family law

<b>Terry & Company:</b> This legal firm is one of the oldest, diverse and knowledgeable law firms in the . Dealing exclusively in English Family Law, the firm does not place a restriction on a client's location. The firm tries its best to resolve marital disputes at the initial stage and tries to avoid divorce. It offers practical advice and information on issues of:

  • Child Custody
  • Divorce Law
  • Divorce Background including the Matrimonial Clauses Act of 1972 and its various amendments
  • Separation Agreements
  • Prenuptial and Residency Agreements
  • Financial Settlements
  • Mediation and Collaborative Family Law

<b>The Gray Purdue firm</b> located in Portsmouth , Hampshire, can be described as a "hybrid firm' offering divorce advice in the traditional as well as the online format. Gray Purdue works in close conjunction with Quickie Divorce to offer married students the option of DIY. Hence, one can safely say that there are various types of divorce firms in the — one for every different type of divorce.

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