Conquering Your Fear

By admin / July 7, 2007
By: Kim Knight
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FEAR, is an emotion that leaves no one unscathed, and can hold you hostage in your life. With a Life Tool to help you, you can conquer fear and move forward despite what feelings it may bring up. Any everyone can do this - it is not only for the brave and courageous. This tip or tool helps me every time. You might be wondering, "How do I conquer my fears?" Well, here are some steps to follow and I guarantee that if you follow them, the outcome will be a whole lot different than just worrying about it and being paralyzed by your situation. This only serves to intensify the fear. Firstly, identify what it is that you fear. Name it - say it out loud or write it down if you want to. Do whatever it takes to voice this fear. Do not pretend it is not there or that it does not really matter. Next, ask if your fear is stopping you from doing what you want to do and then if so, the best way to start eliminating this fear is by taking one small action. And that is where you tell me; "But how can I take action when I am so fearful, that is why I am not taking action!" It is then time to ask yourself these two questions: (1) What is the worst thing that could happen? And (2) What is the best thing that could happen? Once the consequences or results of not taking action are clear, you can move onto clarifying possible steps, (no matter how small), that you can take toward doing something about the situation at hand and then DO them. For example, if you fear your electricity getting turned off because you can't pay the bill, call the Electricity Department, explain your situation and see what solution they can offer you. - Take action! (Don't you already feel better for doing something - who knows what might come out of one phone call?) Increase your chances of living successfully by taking control of your fears. Follow the system and if it works for you, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it whenever and wherever fear rears its scary head and take charge.

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