How To Be A God

By admin / July 18, 2007
By: Joseph Plazo
Category: Leadership

Something lurks in us that demands fulfillment. It is an inner desire to achieve our best possible self, to go through life at our finest level! You I and everyone nurses an inner drive to personal greatness- to grasp that star of Akabar. Since this is a subliminal desire, it does not often fully surface in our everyday consciousness. Folks dont even quickly understand that they even have it. Nonetheless, our subconscious drive to greatness rests below the annals of our minds. And magically, our subconscious, being goal seeking, exerts effort to fulfill it. Still, thousands fail to act to better themselves so that they can achieve superior greatness that can easily be theirs. They settle for mediocrity- or even yield completely. This unleashes an inner conflict between what they are and the greatness which their souls lust for in their lives. This Inconsistency leads to depression. Then frustration. (and often suicide) You know youre afflicted with this grave inconsistency when you suffer a constant nagging sensation of frustration. Somethings wrong. Youve got a vacuum in your life. And you feel you should do something to surmount it (youre the biggest loser if you give up). How do you escape this dire tribulation? Allow me to recall that a few decades back, a research conducted at Harvard determined that dumb people (meaning low IQ) who were brainwashed that they were smart actually outperformed genuine smart people who were lazy. Credo? A mans self-image ultimately shapes his behavior and helps him become what he envisions himself to be. To become a truly great person, you must constantly and passionately picture yourself as being what you want to become. Each and every day, you shal ACT AS IF YOU WERE THAT GREAT AND DESIRABLE and POWERFUL PERSOn. Desire to be successful? Picture yourself as being successful. Desire to be a star athlete? Rehearse the image of dominating the competition. And do it every day of your life. Tell yourself, "Self, Im in the process of getting more successful" or "Self, Im in the process of getting my kids into top flight schools..." (its important to think ‘in the process so you wont say "Hey, Im lying to myself. Im not successful!") Remember this: Positive Visualization enacts the grand Law of Consistency. You cannot think one thing and do another. You cant think Poverty and Suck in Riches. You cant Curse and Enjoy Love. Hence... the ultimate powertool for Your success lies in your mind. Think Big and You will be Big. Your imagination knows no boundaries. Allow your imagination to take you to places youve never been and conquer frontiers you only dreamt off. And you will fly high, and attract the affluence youve always desired. Dominate your universe, friends! About the author: More of Joseph Plazo's killer articles: Art of Unstoppable Persuasion, Sneaky Negotiation Techniques, and finding Jobs in the Philippines

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