Coaching, A Very Useful Business Resource

By admin / December 8, 2007
By: Ricardo D Argence
Category: Leadership

It seems that everyone is investing in some sort of coaching these days. Executives are using coaches to improve their management abilities and help them to better relate to their employees. Job seekers are investing in career coaches to help them get promotions and better jobs. Other people are getting life coaches to help them set goals and make substantial decisions in their lives. So, what is coaching? How does it work? What are the benefits of coaching? Why should you train to become a coach? Take a moment to explore this fascinating occupation. You may find a new calling. What is coaching? In a nutshell, coaching is a relationship that exists between a qualified coach and a team or an individual. The relationship exists to enhance the achievement of goals and results such as improving a person's skills and abilities. The person or team being coached chooses the direction of the coaching experience. Together, they map out a plan for the success of the objective. A good coach will examine where the person or team are currently and identify viable areas where improvement is needed as well as skills and abilities that can be utilized in the achievement of the goals. How it works? A coaching relationship usually begins with a personal interview. This can be done in person or over the telephone. This initial interview is intended to assess challenges, opportunities and identify the direction that they want to take the coaching relationship. In that first interview, a blueprint is laid for the scope and course of the coaching experience. Of course, there is a certain flexibility because as the person being coached progresses and grows, needs and abilities will change. After that first interview, the person may go through various assessments and evaluations. From there, the coaching experience moves in the direction that is based on the skills, abilities, needs and objectives of the person who is being coached. What are the benefits of coaching? When a person hires a coach to achieve some goal or to improve their professional or personal life they can experience many great benefits. They can gain valuable insight on opportunities and personal challenges by seeing them from new perspectives. Their decision making and critical thinking skills are increased as are interpersonal skills. They will also emerge with more confidence that will allow them to pursue their chosen career goals and personal objectives. Productivity increases and there is an overall personal satisfaction with work, home and life in general. Coaches help people achieve their goals. Why should I train in coaching? You may benefit from training in coaching if you are experiencing a challenge that you wish to overcome, have a goal that you wish to reach or there is an opportunity that you want to pursue. If you wish to fill gaps in knowledge or skills or you want to gain more self confidence. Basically, if there is any area in your life, either professionally or personally, you could gain a great deal by hiring a coach. Take inventory of your life, where you want to go and what you want to do, then talk to some coaches and see what they have to say about how you can achieve your goals. A coaching relationship is well worth the investment. About the author: is the premier web hosting company in Mexico, offering a range or services for all business needs.

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