Taking the Wrong Road

By admin / November 10, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
Category: Happiness

Life presents us with many choices. Sometimes we feel that we have taken a wrong turn and chosen the wrong road. When we look back we can see that there were signposts visible at that junction, although at the time we didn't pay them sufficient heed. Many things are easier with the benefit of hindsight.

Perhaps the route you chose was not in fact wrong. You simply look back and feel that it was wrong. It is highly possible that wherever you are is where you are meant to be in order to traverse a particular learning curve in this life.

Life is a learning opportunity, and unfortunate as it may be, we do often learn better through the mistakes we make than from getting things right first time. Every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. Mistakes are in fact opportunities in disguise.

Whether you feel that you have taken the wrong road or not there is no point in crying over spilt milk. By all means look back and appreciate how you came to be where you are now, but instead of feeling disappointed ask yourself what lessons you have learned.

Reverting to the comment I made before about there having been signposts at each and every twist and turn in the road that you have chosen, it is true that we only end to see that which we expect to see. When you look back and realize that those signposts were there you will also appreciate that you were always aware of them to a certain degree.

Most often this awareness is felt in a sort of emotional-logical tug-of-war. You know what you want and you know what you should do, but these two things are not in tune with each other. When this happens we find ways to justify the things that we want, or try to bury inhibitions and charge forwards no matter what. We effectively "turn a blind eye" to our own objections and carry right on doing what we want to do. Looking back you might wish that you had listened.

The truth is that sometimes choices are difficult to make and sometimes compromises have to be made. The more confident you feel in yourself, and the greater your awareness of your own moral code and the standards you wish to live by, the easier it is to make wise choices for yourself. The more present you are in the moment the more aware you will be of your surroundings and those signposts will be more easily visible to you. In this way the choices you make will be better informed instead of impulsive or random.

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