Using Your Mind to Help Your Body

By admin / November 6, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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As we age it is undeniable that our bodies do not function as smoothly nor as efficiently as they used to when we were younger. As my doctor once said to me "a woman's body is like a car. Once it begins to break down it keeps on breaking down". I’m sure that if his patient had been a man he would have adapted what he said to apply in a similar manner.

Age and wear and tear clearly impact upon our bodies. What is less clear to many of us, yet at the same time obvious to some, is that our minds have a major impact upon our bodies throughout our lives.

The thoughts and feelings we have are reflected and mirrored by our physical body. Messages are sent from brain to nerves and muscles and back again time and again throughout the day and night. Messages of pain may be sent from body to brain to alert us to the fact that something is wrong. In reverse, the thoughts we have are converted into neuro-transmitters and sent around the physical body. This exchange of information is a two way process.

You will no doubt be aware of this in small ways. When you feel down, or your thoughts are despondent, you will find that your shoulders stoop and your body slumps. When you are falling in love you will feel an endless flow of energy and find yourself bounding around with a spring in your step.

A persons predominant thoughts and emotions become etched in the lines upon their face, permanently displayed in laughter lines or a scowl, an upturned mouth or one which is downturned, and so on. All can easily see these reflections of mind upon body. Not as easy to spot are physical signs and symptoms which do not rest upon the surface.

Physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart disease or IBS are less easily seen as reflections of mental thoughts. But your mind will undeniably have an impact upon any form of disease within your body; it may not be the root cause of the disease, but it will have some effect. Much research has been carried out which adequately demonstrates this point.

Your mind is absolutely your best complementary health aid, should you choose to use it. You can take advantage of the fact that messages are sent backwards and forwards between brain, nerves, muscles and cells. You can send messages to your body that have specific intent; The intent to assist your body to heal successfully and to remain healthy.

Hypnosis may be use to add extra impact to such messages and to speed up the healing process. Hypnosis has in fact been proven to be of great assistance in many areas of complementary health. It's easy to use, quick to have an impact and has no nasty side effects.

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