Use Reverse Psychology to Become Famous by Morning

By admin / February 9, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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So you want to become famous, be an instant celebrity, be a master of self promotion and get yourself or your business spotlighted by the media.

You worked hard on your marketing ideas. Came up with ideas you thought were different and unusual that could possibly go viral and at the same time be picked up by the mainstream media.

Spent money on promotional merchandise that you thought would be a success. Items such as T-shirts, stickers, calendars etc.

Used visualization and affirmations to attune your mind to the direction you want to go forward in.

Tried meditation and isolation techniques to find your inner voice, but... all to no avail.

It can be frustrating, disheartening and discouraging when you put in such an effort only to have no recognition, no positive feedback to help keep the momentum going.

Now you have doubts, fears and feel despondent.
You ask yourself "what am I doing wrong?"

Time again to step back, calm yourself and listen to that inner voice.

You may have done it before, but this time it's for a different purpose. You are focusing on the answers now.

Meditate, take yourself away to an isolated spot and repeat an affirmation. Something like:

"I am now famous and loved by all".

Now listen to your inner voice. Truly listen and discover what it is telling you.

If you have been finding roadblocks at every turn or juncture, odds are that your inner voice (the voice of your subconscious) does not have the same belief that you are trying to affirm.

So when you say "I am now famous and loved by all", your inner voice is responding with something like: "Are you kidding, your own work colleagues find you annoying".

There is the doubt, the blockage that is thwarting your every attempt to succeed.

It is also an answer to another area that needs attention before you can move forward. Things like:

"Before you can be respected by others, learn to respect yourself",
"Before you can love others, learn to love yourself" or something like
"Before you can be successful, learn to honor and appreciate success in others".

But I digress...If positive affirmations are not working for you, you need help, some back-up, a defender of your goals.

So let's try a little reverse psychology.

Say to yourself something like this "You loser, you'll never be famous and successful".

Chances are this time your subconscious will come to your defense. Something like "Heeey back off buddy, we can accomplish anything when we really want it so of course we can be famous!"

And this is another way of re-programming that inner voice as it can now become a truth that you can affirm with inner conviction.

A quick note though, negative thoughts are still...negative, so this is not a method you'll want to use all the time. Just one to keep for moments you find yourself at a loss or roadblock.

From negative to positive, that's how using reverse psychology can lead you to the path of becoming Famous By Morning.

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