Work Breakdown Structure to Becoming Famous by Morning

By admin / February 9, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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Do you have a path or plan set in place to take you on the journey to becoming famous and successful?

If the answer is no...why not?

How can you get somewhere if you don't know where you are going?

And while we are on the subject of overused quotations, "Don't fail to plan, plan and succeed"!

Sitting down and have a good think about your promotion plan is something vital to your success. Having a pen in hand and writing those thoughts down is an excellent way to arrange and sort out what needs to be done and when.

Often writing out your plan then reading it back to yourself can save you a lot of time and heartache as the written word can be very useful in defining if a step is valid or not.

In business, this method is often called a 'work breakdown structure'.

Taking a process, that at the beginning can seem overwhelming, and splitting it into 'manageable bites'. Using the written word, flow diagrams or a storyboard to help root out and devise every little aspect of the project so no important factor, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, gets overlooked.

This can be done in a couple of ways:

- Starting at the very beginning and tracking a path to your goal or
- Working backwards from your goal. Looking at each step then applying what needs to be done to accomplish it

You are defining and making your goal tangible and then achievable. Giving it such importance then allows you to meditate and visualize your way to success.

The clearer the path, the clearer the image...the clearer the image, the closer you will be to achievement!

This clear and defined blueprint to success will also allow you to define what's important and what's urgent.

And give you the opportunity to make sure you do the important things before they become urgent.

So take a page out of the manuals of business and make your own 'work breakdown structure' and define your path to becoming Famous By Morning.

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