Use Your Day Job To Train As You Become Famous By Morning

By admin / February 10, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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Working for the man, living from paycheck to paycheck, making someone else rich, surviving past 'hump' day or thanking God it's Friday.

If you've been known to say one or many of these sayings before there's a good chance you're not exactly thrilled about your day job.

Instead of jumping out of bed and greeting a new working day with vigor you slam the snooze button and pray for some illness to get you out of work.

The daily commute to work is like a death march met with about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist or dinner with your mother-in-law. Traffic snarl makes your blood boil, a crowded bus or train leaves you in a filthy mood.

And once you get to work it doesn't get any better. Maybe your work is so boring and mundane you want to scream out loud, or perhaps you have some smug overpaid, under performing supervisor who's sole skill is to humiliate or demoralize you for nothing better than their own sense of self importance.

Then there's the bad news, you can't quit because you may just end up at another job with the same problems. Leaving your job and starting your own business is not practical at the moment as you have commitments, responsibilities... people relying on you.

So what is the solution if you can't leave?

How can you turn your day job from the soul destroying monster it is at the moment to an enjoyable destination contributing to your personal development?

Time to think about situations in the workplace (both positive and negative) and assess how you can act and learn from them. How can you take something from your job instead of the job taking from you?

Start at the beginning of the day. As soon as you get out of bed say to yourself "I am going to learn things today that will make me a better person!"

Let the commute to work be a time for introspection, positive visualizations and affirmations.

Look forward to all social encounters you will have today be they positive or negative and remind yourself that you can use them as learning experiences for how you deal with people, 'sell' yourself or react to certain circumstances.

Monitor your emotions and if situations or people start to make you anxious, angry or guilty, teach yourself to detach yourself from the emotion, recognize it arising and deal with it in a calm and rational manner.

Learn to open yourself to wealth and fame by always reacting with positive vibrations to the success of others.

Work on your skills of concentration and persistence especially if the task is monotonous.

It is more than just 'positive thinking', glass half full or putting a silver lining to all situations. It is an attitude change based on a long term goal. This is part of your personal development and growth. You are using the process and day to day experiences of your job to build a better 'you'.

It is making the most out of the present, making a jewel out of every moment.

Once you accept your working day in a positive manner, you will attract positive expressions in return and be headed towards a brighter path.

So go ahead and use your day for you to become Famous By Morning!

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