How To Build Confidence Through Standing Taller

By admin / February 16, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Building confidence make you feel taller and stand taller. This is a fact. The body language of confidence is portrayed in standing straight and tall, walking with a spring in your step, easy eye contact and an altogether comfortable image. People can feel "on a high" with confidence or they might describe themselves as "feeling ten feet tall".

The words which we use to describe ourselves and the situations which we encounter are very insightful, usually more so than we readily realize. In general, the more confident you feel the taller you stand. The image which you thus radiate is one which is bigger than before. So building your self-confidence makes you feel and appear taller, more comfortable and bigger amongst many other things.

First impressions do count and so it is very important to convey to others that you are self-assured, comfortable in your own skin and have high self-worth. Other people assess you in as little as a split second based upon how you look and how you sound. And so it is no wonder that so many of us girls enjoy the boost to self-esteem which donning a pair of high heels can provide; it is a very easy way in which one can appear taller and therefore more confident.

There is one proviso; you do have to be able to walk well in them! I noticed a group of young ladies the other day who all looked as if they had borrowed their mother's shoes for a night out. They appeared neither comfortable nor confident and were seriously in danger of breaking their ankles to boot!

When you realize the effect of growing confidence and self esteem upon your appearance you also learn how to portray this image even if you are quaking with nerves and anxiety upon the inside. Once you sit back and observe confident people and see how their body language reflects their self-assurance, you can begin to copy them. And don't worry; you don't have to wear high heels to boost your confidence if you don't want to!

If you stand in front of a mirror and practice standing as tall as you possibly can you are stepping out upon the pathway to building confidence in yourself. Similarly you can try out different ways of sitting in a chair or at your desk and as you see your reflection in the mirror your self-image will begin to change too. Ask yourself questions like "what does a self-assured person look like?" or "who of those people look the most confident and how do they portray that image?"

As you ask these types of questions you will unearth the secret of appearing more confident to others, and then you can replicate it. You will be surprised how easily you can build confidence in this very simple and straightforward way.

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