Why Do Relationships Breakup?

By admin / February 15, 2011
By: Susan M Bell
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When a couple begin a relationship, there is no guarantee that the common bond that they share will last forever. Relationship breakdowns occur when one or both parties decide that they no longer feel the same way about each other. Love can disappear from a relationship just as quickly as it emerged. Relationships break up for many different reasons, just a few of which can be explained very simply.

The first reason for a relationship breakup, is distrust. When somebody commits themselves to somebody else, they consequentially assume that they can trust that person. The reason you commit yourself to somebody in the first place, is because you love them and the trust that you give them encompasses that love. You also automatically assume that your partner will reciprocate that love and remain faithful. However, occasionally, whether it be through temptation, recklessness or just downright stupidity, the trust that you had given so readily to your partner, is broken. When this happens, the love often dies along with the trust and the relationship inevitably breaks up.

When you begin a relationship with somebody, you usually have at least one major thing in common and tend to spend most of your time together. However, on occasions, as the relationship develops, you tend to grow apart from one another, as your interests head in different directions. Things just don’t seem to be the same anymore and before you know it, discord sets in. When faced with this situation, you can sometimes find it difficult to handle the differences that have built up between you and this often leads to relationship breakups.

Another vagary of a mature relationship, is boredom. When the relationship becomes stagnant and everything you do together becomes homogeneous, it can put a lot of strain on the relationship. You or your partner might therefore find it difficult to persist with the situation, because the relationship has lost its excitement. When your needs, or those of your significant other, are not met, this is usually when the relationship begins to deteriorate.

The most common reason for a relationship breakup, is purely and simply that people just fall out of love. Sometimes, even if things are amicable between the people concerned, without love it all merely seems pointless. It is true, that for the most part, love is the basis for the start of a meaningful relationship, but it is also the main reason that people eventually drift apart. When you start a relationship, you certainly may feel truly in love with your partner, and vice versa, but there may come a time, as there has been for others, when that love begins to wane, or even fall away completely. Unfortunately, the fact is that people fall out of love every day and when this happens, the relationship ultimately folds. It was love that got you together in the first place and regrettably, it will be the lack of it that tears you apart.

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