Critical Path Analysis to Becoming Famous by Morning

By admin / February 10, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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Sometimes when working on a promotion or project we find there are things that are necessary, but not necessarily fun.

Planning is one of those things. I know you'd much prefer being out there bungee jumping in a chicken suit for the local news, but none-the-less there is some basic groundwork that needs to be completed first.

We have already discussed the "Work Breakdown Structure" which identifies every aspect of a project or promotion. Every detail, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant, that is linked to a project.

Now we are going to borrow another tool from the business world that was originally developed by the defense department.

This new tool is called the "Critical Path Analysis".

The critical path analysis helps identify tasks that you cannot complete until another one is finished. It identifies what tasks need to be completed on time for the entire project to be completed on time. It also shows you what tasks can be left to a later stage of the project or promotion.

A critical path analysis also helps identify what's important and what's urgent. And how to ensure that important things are done before they become urgent!

Just on that, how do you distinguish between what's important and what's urgent? You ask yourself, "What is the consequence of not doing a task?" If it turns out that it is only urgent for emotional reasons (I need a new car because my friend just got one i.e. envy), then it is neither urgent nor important.

To do a critical path analysis, write down your list of tasks (or take your previously done work breakdown structure) and assign a number or start date to each. Identify what needs to be done prior to a task commencing.

Then place these in a flow diagram for easy identification.

Assess what task relies on another and what can be done alone. You will have a diagram that looks like a tree and the 'trunk' is the 'critical path'.

After doing a little groundwork you can now tie that bungee chord around your chicken legs comfortable in the knowledge that the hard work is done and now it's time for some fun on your way to becoming Famous By Morning!

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