Do Not Think and Become Famous by Morning

By admin / February 10, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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There is something that we all do fifty thousand times a day.

That's right, fifty thousand times and you probably don't even realize it. Well, you do, but not in the way you think (pardon the pun...the pun which will make sense in a moment).

And what is it we all do in such huge numbers?

You 'think' approximately fifty thousand times a day.

Thoughts fill your head at every moment of every day. Both conscious and unconscious thoughts. Will I have a shower this morning? What will I eat for breakfast? What will I wear today?

You have thoughts about your day ahead, you think about the days gone past. Pleasant thoughts of loved ones, parties, holidays and good times may fill your head.

Anxious thoughts of work to be done, confrontations to be had or deadlines to meet fill you with dread. Fearful or angry thoughts of people or dire circumstances raise your blood pressure.

You think about problems or work out a solution. You imagine a perfect moment or fantasize about a special meeting.

Your thoughts tell you who you are attracted to, whether you will be famous and wealthy or good or bad.

Thinking is so common and so natural to us that it is one of the hardest things NOT to do.

Try it now. Tell yourself you are not going to think for the next ten...five or even two minutes.

Did you succeed or not?

More than likely you didn't, but good on you for trying.

What are thoughts and why do we need to think?

Thoughts can be split, for ease of explanation, into two parts:

Conscious - the chatter you hear in your head all the time and
Subconscious - those you are unaware of that are more like 'directions'.

Conscious thoughts help us function day to day. The decision of what to eat, what to wear, which way to travel to work, how type that letter or solve a particular problem.

Subconscious thoughts tell you to breathe, tell the heart to pump blood, help to heal and tell the cells to grow.

More importantly though, subconscious thoughts, if programmed right, can answer all your questions, lead you to prosperity and bring you ultimate happiness.

Why do I say not to think?

Because conscious thoughts are like an impressionable child, easily convinced or swayed from their path.

Subconscious thoughts have all the answers you need.

So breathe, relax and don't think as you become Famous By Morning!

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