What Does Aloha Mean?

By admin / February 24, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
Category: Spirituality

I have just returned from a fantastic holiday in Hawaii. Whilst there I was intrigued by the varying circumstances in which the word "Aloha" was used. It seemed to be used in the place of "hello", "goodbye" and also in other ways too.

I came across a book called "A Little Book of Aloha" by Renata Provenzano which explains the deeper meaning of this flexible word. Aloha, Renata explains, is a warm embrace between loved ones, the meeting of one's spirit with another, the sharing of life energy. Aloha clearly has a deep spiritual meaning, and Hawaii is a very spiritual place.

The Hawaiian culture is full of reminders about our true spiritual nature, and the benefits of this are clearly seen in the happy and friendly nature of the people. I was extremely aware of the slower pace with which the Hawaiian people go about their daily lives, and the peaceful atmosphere which prevails. It is a great contrast from the frenetic activity which can be felt in so many places these days.

I just couldn't imagine the Hawaiian people displaying the same levels of frustration and rage which can be witnessed so frequently in places which have less awareness of spirituality. An awareness of one's spiritual nature inherently acknowledges our unity as opposed to separation, and the shared impact of thoughts and actions. To lash out at another is recognized as hurting oneself at the same time.

There are many proverbs which we are all aware of, whether we believe in spirituality or not, which reflect that "what goes around, comes around", but few of us actually look for their implicit deeper meanings. It is very easy in the majority of Western cultures to focus on separation and individuality and "survival of the fittest" but this creates a break-down of community spirit and well-being.

It is important to acknowledge that "we are all one" as a foundation for the creating of a relaxed and positive environment in which to live. "Aloha" is a word which communicates the spirit of sharing and caring; its regular and consistent use is a constant reminder of the nature of spirituality. It is a little word with a very big meaning.

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