Why Do You Suffer From Agoraphobia?

By admin / February 22, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Any phobia has the ability to make life uncomfortable to a certain extent. Agoraphobia is however probably the most wide reaching in its negative impact upon your quality of life. To be afraid of open spaces, or to be fearful of even stepping out of your own back door prevents you from doing so very many things which the rest of humanity take for granted.

Just to go and buy a pint of milk or a daily newspaper may all too easily become impossible to contemplate. The thing with agoraphobia is that it most often starts off as a vague feeling of unease in certain circumstances but this gradually grows into something far more debilitating. Its force is like a snowball gathering snow and speed as it rolls down a hillside. Eventually you can feel like you are caught up in an avalanche of jittery emotions; it is therefore important to take action and do something about it as soon as possible.

The question most often posed is "what action?" If you do manage to get out to see your doctor you are likely to be treated for either anxiety or depression. Not everyone wants to take drugs however and also they do not always work. Agoraphobia makes you feel totally out of control and anything which you can do to help regain a feeling of stability and control will help enormously; and this is relevant no matter whether you are taking tablets or not.

Information helps. Knowing that other people are in the same boat helps you to feel that "it's not just you". Trying to think back to the roots of your anxiety will help you identify a potential phobia cure. If you can work out what caused your agoraphobia, then you have more chance of finding a way in which to treat your phobia.

Another way of working to regain your self control, and this is I am sure the most powerfully effective, is to learn to think in a slightly different way. When you have a phobia you tend to dwell upon your fear and imagine what might happen, visualizing all sorts of dreadful scenarios vividly in your mind. These become a self-fulfilling prophesy; it is a known fact that whatever you vividly imagine you create.

You can turn your ability to visualize to your very great advantage by choosing what you would like to see. You can choose to imagine a good outcome, and see yourself as you want to be. This may seem far too simple a solution; but please do not underestimate it as it is very effective. You will probably need to first learn how to eradicate negative images from your mind, just as you would need to wipe a blackboard clean of what is written upon it before writing now information on it.

The hypnosis phobia cure has been shown to be a very powerful way in which you can learn to think in a different way and take control of your life once more. You can use a cure phobia hypnosis mp3 as a way in which to take control for yourself.

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