An Explanation Of Zi Wei Dou Shu

By admin / September 18, 2009
By: Henry Fong
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Chinese Astrology goes by the name of Zi Wei Dou Shu, and many astrologers in China use this method. It may not have the popularity of Ba Zi, but what it does have is a way of showing insight to a persons characteristics as well as their true potential and luck they will have in life, so that they can use it to make an informed choice of their next step. This article should answer questions reguarding what is Zi Wei.

These people using Ba Zi use the birth date and time of a person and then split it in to four separate pillars, each of the four pillars then have a branch known as an earthly branch and have a heavenly stem also. This is what enables the reader to see the characteristics of the person, and also helping them to see what can be achieved at their full potential. Zi Wei Dou Shu is different because the reading begins in reference to the Chinese lunar age as well as the birth date and time, only this information is then expressed in a model, this model is made from palaces and also the stems and branches contained in them, not to leave out over 100 stars.

Precisely 12 palaces are arranged in a matrix that is 4x4. The palaces represent different things, for example one represents yourself, another any brothers and sisters you may have, the next your partner, or possible partners and the other palaces each represent ho much money you have or may have, your health, if you are destined to travel, your friends, your career, property that you own, your mental state and of course the last but not least the parent palaces. Each of the palaces have a branch and a heavenly stem that represent the time frame, and the palaces also each contain stars, of which the amount can vary from 18 up to 114, this will depend on your school of practice.

There are two schools of practice and they are Ze Wei Dou Shu which is also known as the three harmony school as well as the school of the four changes.

There are differences in the two schools because the thee harmony school focuses and has more importance over the stars within the palaces as well as their combinations, relating to stars within other palaces. The school of four forces works more on the 4 forces within the palaces. This school has less interference with the lesser valued stars.

Each of them have good and bad points as do most things in life. If in the hands of someone wit the knowledge the astrologer can accurately read lots about a person as well as those they are closer and how certain actions can affect their future in relation to their personality and characteristics.

The luck that a person could get over their lifetime can be narrowed down to within a given year or decade which shows the accuracy rate than just being a general reading.

In order to do such a reading it will take a lot of years to learn, so that you can accurately read all in order to guide someone in the right direction. Even people who have been taught by someone with years of good experience will still take many years to understand this art completely.

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