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By admin / September 19, 2009
By: John Halderman
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The new DVD, Know For Yourself is getting talked about all over the Internet. It's a new offering from the personal development, life coaching company, Polaris Media Group. This exciting DVD is about expressing your personal sovereignty, having complete certainty and being at ease in your life. Basically, Know For Yourself reveals how to live the life you want, your way - fully expressing your personal power.

Are you holding back at all with your life? What are you thinking that you can't do, be or have? Have you said, "why bother, I can't make a difference.", or "I don't see how I can live the life I dream of." Do you have thoughts about interesting, exciting and fulfilling things you would like to do, but shoot yourself down?

Have you ever considered how much of what you think and do is tempered by outside sources? This can be the people you are around, with their doubts, fears and worries, their complaining and their short sighted perspectives. It can be from your existing life circumstances which you can't see your way out of and other people say you can't escape. Perhaps society in general, with it's follow the norm mentality. Or is it just a low level of belief and confidence in yourself?

Those factors hold back millions of people year after year, keeping them locked in a life far below their true capabilities. But, what if you could have complete certainty in yourself and in your direction in life? What if you could completely know and trust your own knowing, your inner compass - that feeling inside that keeps nudging at you? What would you do if you believed in yourself, your inner guidance, more than all that pervasive, highly restrictive 'normal' consciousness all around you?

In the Know For Yourself DVD, you will see how others have chosen to separate themselves from the norm and live their life their way. To express themselves as they are guided from within, knowing this was the path for them even if it was different. Having the confidence then, to follow their dreams in spite of all the outside deterrence.

If you could learn to have self-confidence in your true potential rather than listening to other people, the media or following the accepted 'norm', what would your life look like? Could you take control of your life, heed your own direction and make a difference in your life, the lives around you and even in society? If you are like most people, you've had thoughts of some sort about doing this - following your heart.

This is what Know For Yourself will show you. Find out how you can become totally engaged in life, living your way, on purpose. You will see how others have taken a stand, living their lives their way - and how you can do the same. We are all capable of so much more than we are led to believe, in most cases. This DVD is a refreshing way to look at claiming your personal sovereignty and how to be at cause in your life, rather than following along being subject to the accepted 'norm'.

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