Using or Abusing Your Social Network

By admin / March 28, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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If you watched the movie "Social Network" you will no doubt have been aware how it depicted the many different ways in which individuals deal with their friends and wider social networks. In the past ones social network would only have included those who you are in close proximity with; this is all that was possible.

But nowadays your social network can be amazingly more complex. You can meet and make new friends on the Internet, using sites ranging from Facebook to World of Warcraft. You can have a "virtual" social existence via the Internet, as well as having your real flesh and blood local social network on your own street, so to speak.

Some people value their friends whilst others would appear to find their relationships and friendships less important. In reality it is more likely that those who fall into the latter category have not learned how to develop good relationships as opposed to not wishing to do so. Fear is often what holds people back in social situations.

The Internet offers a socially uncomfortable person a new arena in which they can overcome barriers of this type. You can display to others a completely different side of yourself, and in effect develop your personality and your social skills. This can then become the basis of change in your real life too. As you experience a sense of togetherness, teamwork, acceptance, success or whatever else in your virtual world, you can take these feelings with you into your real world.

This is one of many very valuable and positive aspects of such virtual relationships. There is of course a potential negative side. People can abuse the fact that they are "invisible" and overstep the mark in things they say or do over the Internet or by email or text.

With less fear to hold you back you can blog about something without thinking it through clearly first, text someone inappropriately in a brave and inebriated moment, or stalk someone in that space of virtual reality. You might think that you are invisible, but even on the internet your identity can always be traced and whatever you say or do there may well come back and bite you.

The moral of this story is to use these virtual arenas wisely. Do not do to someone else what you would not like to have done to you. Do not say or do anything that you will not be proud of in a month or a year's time. Do not share insights, videos or photographs that you would not want your potential boss or the media to see at a later date.

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