5 Simple Yet Powerful Things You Can Do To Boost Your Happiness, Confidence, and Mot

By admin / March 23, 2011
By: Andres Lara
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Never voice an opinion of yourself that is less than spectacular. Any sentiment less than extraordinary or amazing about yourself, you must refrain from verbalizing it. Expressions become impressions. Every time you express views about yourself, those views become impressed, imprinted, inscribed... tattooed onto your self-image and onto others’ minds.

People usually repeat what they hear. So if they are going to hear something from you, about you, make it breathtaking. Make it...worth repeating. Remember this...your words are tattooists. Choose them carefully... for their scars can last a lifetime.

Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your words are painting a beautiful self-portrait.

1-Describe Yourself: Ask yourself “What has been the most empowering description of myself that I have ever heard?” Write it down and repeat it throughout the day. If you are not happy with it, make up a description of yourself that will empower you and repeat it frequently.

2-Powerful Words: Since you are carving your day and life with words why not be very selective on the words you use. Incorporate these words today in every interaction or thought you have: Wonderful, uplifted, invincible, courageous, passionate, loving, compassionate, astounding, determined, miraculous, committed, stupendous.

3-Develop a Habit: You have probably heard that it takes twenty-one days to develop a new habit. But have you ever consciously counted the days you tried to implement a new habit? Here is a good opportunity. For the next twenty-one days repeat frequently that powerful statement that describes you (tip number 1) and consciously make yourself use those powerful words (tip number two) in every interaction. Do this for twenty-one days and see how your life will change.

4-Think Before You Speak: You have the power to build or destroy, to make things, incidents, and people more beautiful than they are or uglier...you can create a masterpiece everywhere you go or a disaster. Your words give you a lot more power than you think. Next time you are going to express your opinion about something, someone, or even yourself think before you speak. Expressions become impressions.

5-Change Others’ Lives: It is not a miracle, it’s called imitation. We all do it. If you spend enough time with another person, you will eventually start resembling that person. Take a look at your spouse, siblings, or people you spend lots of time with. Chances are you use similar expressions, body movements, gestures and even words. So this means that you won’t only impact your life when you choose to use powerful words but also that of others that you care and love.

Affirm This Statement:
I vocalize only words that empower, invigorate, and compel the best to emerge. My words exhilarate.

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