How to Recover From a Broken Heart

By admin / May 14, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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How many times has your heart been broken? The answer to this question will go some way towards predicting how easily you might recover or otherwise from your broken heart. How badly your heart has been broken will also assist in predicting the difficulty or ease with which you recover.

In reality there are many circumstances which together add up to determine how to set about mending your heart. The degree of autonomy you have over your lifestyle options, the amount of support you have from friends and family, your basic temperament, the circumstances which led to your heart being broken are all relevant factors.

Your basic beliefs about yourself and about what is right and wrong in life will probably have more impact upon your ability to heal than anything else at all. You may believe that there is only ever one person for you and that once that relationship is over for whatever reason nobody else could fill those shoes. On the other hand, you may believe that there are many potential soul mates to be found and thus be rather more open to meeting someone new and allowing them to take part in your life.

Each person's route to healing their broken heart will be unique to them, but there are certain principles which will make the task easier or more difficult. Dwelling in the past and chewing over why someone left you is not usually a helpful strategy. Its fine to work out where things went wrong, but it is certainly not fine to dwell upon that knowledge for days upon end. Acceptance is a key factor in such circumstances; it is essential to accept that things have gone wrong and to learn from the experience.

Ironically, it is often less difficult to get over the loss of a loved one in circumstances where they have passed away then if they have left for another person. In the former circumstance, you are most likely to be angry, lonely and frustrated but you are less likely to wonder what you did wrong and refuse to accept your situation; you unfortunately have to accept that your partner has passed away. Ultimately acceptance of one's situation is a key factor in enabling you to move on.

When you need to heal a broken heart you do have to learn to step back from your emotions and to see the situation with logical eyes. This is hard to do; your heart is after all the centre of your emotional experience.

That said, it can be done and hypnosis is an easy way in which to help yourself to sooth your emotional state and to relax in the moment. Hypnosis achieves a state of mind where you have effectively stepped back and therefore you can see your situation from a different and less emotional angle. The next step, that of planning to move on, then becomes a far easier task. In effect, hypnosis can provide you with the mental environment which is most conducive to healing your broken heart.

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