Mary and her ways of helping Jesus

By admin / May 15, 2011
By: Ginar Asombrado
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 One of those acts of cooperation is her being part of the salvation and redemption for the sake of all the souls. The deliverance of soul from being sinful and saving it from divine punishment, especially from hell and grant them acceptance into heaven. To teach and help people escape from the influence of evil and many other acts that dishonors the human soul, the all sinful acts. That’s why Mary helps jesus to save the sould of everyone here in the earth and by the means of guiding, teaching, and helping them to learn the ways of salvation and/or redemption to be able to rescue souls from bad effects that could happen.

Our Mother Mary was always there for Jesus to help Him save all the human from being sinful through his life and teachings. And with that, I believe that Virgin Mary appeared through many apparitions to give us warning. Mary wants us to clean our souls by the means of moral transformation, by doing what is good and freeing ourselves from evil acts. I also believe that I myself have many bad things these past years and did not even realizing or knowing what ahead of me. Now I know this thought of our Virgin Mary, of how does our Blessed Mary wanted us to be cleaned and be saved from doing our sins. I know you knew this anywhere else, “Pray the Rosary”, this is what I always hear on priests and sisters preach from our church near our house that Mary wants us to always pray the rosary for the salvation of many souls in the purgatory, and also I can see this from advertisements on my mobile phone while browsing the internet with a link provided the steps and ways how to pray the rosary.

 Many people cannot find their true self, did not know what they are doing to their selves, make their human body suffer for such wickedness. But with the help of the teachings of Mary such as this ways of salvation, they can still keep away of bad affair and such things that degrade human soul and physical appearance. We just have to let God Jesus enter and be the center of our lives. Have faith on God our savior and with his mercy and Mary’s grace we will be accepted. Share to him your problems and thoughts of life, and even lackness of faith and unrighteousness in the past and you will feel rejuvenated. Because Blessed Mary always pray for us and don’t let us down even we’ve done many wrong deeds. She is always guiding us to make everyone of us will be safe from many unwanted happening that could happen to us and also bring us near to Jesus.

 In the end, by knowing Mary a lot more, we will know that it is not only ways and concept of salvation and redemption are her ways to make us more closer to Jesus her son. Give a piece of your time to read and reflect her words. With that, even just a little, your soul will be saved. Please read a lot more about Mary and her sacrifices for Jesus.

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