Enforcing Child Support

By admin / February 19, 2010
By: Mark A. Lockwood
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A subject that is not readily addressed by most judgment recovery services is child support. As a judgment recovery service it is just another vital service we offer. Child support court orders are basically just the same as a judgment. The rules of enforcement applied to the order as if it were a judgment.

At Nebraska Judgment Recovery we understand it is a very difficult time for both party's where children are involved. Not only do the parents suffer because of the constant battlers between the relative party's, but the children involved tend to suffer more if they are at an age to understand the issues involved. Our aim when been involved with child support issues it to try to enforce the judgment in an amicable manner. We do not want to cause more stress to the already delicate situation. However Nebraska Judgment Recovery will and does use all means necessary to enforce the judgment.
Non payment of child support has become a huge issue not only for the custodial parent but also the children involved and society. Study's have shown that less than half the parents awarded child support actually receive the whole payment every month. This amounts to some where between $35 billion to $40 billion dollars every year are going unpaid. These figures we reported by the national census. Due to these issues of non payments for child support have tremendous knock on effects. Non payment by the non-custodial parent is a major cause of child poverty. Due to the issues involved with non payment it has also caused a tremendous strain on society, because it has become necessary to fund poverty programs to support these family's.
Non custodial parents often try to hide from the custodial parent with a belief that they can drop of the radar and not pay. This adds burden to the custodial parent, which in turn adds yet more burden on an already over burdened system. As a custodial parent you have the ability to use government funded operations within your state to find the non paying parent Unfortunately these services are becoming more and more burdened with cases. Often a case will take months to come to fruition. A judgment collection service is able to offer similar services and locate the non paying parent Normally due to having a smaller work load this is archived in very reduced time frame. Recovering the child support in a smaller time frame can greatly improve the custodial parents financial situation and also take one more case of the government agency's list.
The non paying parent may not be very please to be chased and made accountable for their actions. At the end of the day they have a responsibility to the children they have and to society for the well being of those children. It is possible that a judgment recovery specialist will recovery the monies owed and resolve the matter faster because of the actions a judgment specialist can take against the non paying parent
To sum extent the custodial parent can deflect the aggression of the non paying parent to the actions of the judgment recovery specialist. This enables the custodial parent to at least keep a little bit of communication open between themselves and the non paying parent This in turn is good for the children as they see that the parents are trying to be cordial and they the children are not the cause of the aggression between the parents.

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Over the years involved with this business he has gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding regarding peoples situations. He has become a first class negotiator helping to sort out many very delicate situations.

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