Can Opposites be Compatible?

By admin / May 29, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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How long is a piece of string? Compatibility is based upon more than just the nuts and bolts of getting along; it also depends upon your level of desire to spend time together.

We frequently hear people say that "opposites attract" and this in many cases is absolutely true. However it is entirely possible that opposites may in fact repel each other. Similarly in some cases people who are very alike can get along famously or they can rub each other up the wrong way.

Thus each person who is asked the question here posed will respond in their own individual way based upon their unique knowledge and experience. It is a great question to ask when you are getting to know someone as it reveals a little about their inner characteristics. It is also guaranteed to spark a good debate over a drink or during a dinner party.

Opposites are compatible when their different nature and temperament bring out the best aspects of the other person. In this case, both parties feel good and they complement each other very well. But if the opposing tendencies of the two parties brings out the worst in each other then the result will be entirely different.

For opposites to be compatible you do need to be tolerant and respectful of each other. This should be no surprise to anyone as any good relationship is dependent on these attributes. Tolerance and respect are important to any successful relationship, whether you are opposites in nature or as similar as two peas in a pod.

If one person is pedantically tidy but another is always disorganized and messy each party could be either extremely frustrated or perfectly happy depending upon their levels of tolerance towards the other person and their respect of the fact that everyone is entitled to live life in their own manner. In a good relationship there will always be a lot of give and take as opposed to absolute rigidity.

If you want your partner to be happy and your relationship to flourish in a healthy manner then it is extremely important to develop a high level of tolerance. The result will be that you too feel a whole lot happier. By all means argue over and constructively discuss matters which really matter to you and come to some level of compromise. But there are many things in life which are simply not worth wasting your energy over.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people squabble over the silliest of things. If you want your relationship to work a simple recipe is to quit focusing on the minor irritations (and thereby blowing them out of all proportion) and instead pay attention to all of the things which are great and good in your partner and your relationship in general. Good relationships are created by focusing upon what is good and bad relationships are all too easily created by focusing upon things which are perceived to be bad.

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