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By admin / May 26, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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It would seem that a growing number of people, teenagers and adults alike, are not happy with the way in which they look. I have noticed that a shocking number of parents are horrified when they discover that their teenage son or daughter totally dislikes their looks. One wonders why looks have over the years seemingly become ever more important to how we feel about ourselves.

Why is there so much emphasis placed upon looking perfect as opposed to just striving to be the best you can be in every way? Surely your sense of self should be based upon your achievements, talents, skills, "niceness" as a person, morality, loyalty, trustworthiness, thoughtfulness and loving nature, etc, as well as your looks?

We see pop stars and film stars looking perfect. But surely it is different for them? A big part of their job hinges upon looking good. And so it makes sense that they would watch what they eat, follow a strict exercise regime and pay serious consideration to cosmetic surgery. We also see top athletes looking pretty good, but here again to follow a particular diet and exercise regime is part of their job.

Inevitably these celebrities (pop starts, film stars, athletes) appear to the rest of us to be extremely glamorous and to have amazing lifestyles. The same goes for pretty much anyone who is paid attention to by the media. But these people have not gotten to be where they are just solely based upon their looks; they have worked very hard to get to the top of their game. Nobody gets to the top without working harder than the rest, not really.

To get to the top and to achieve success you have to make the best of what you have got. You have to strive hard and grasp opportunities which come your way. It may well be that if you are stunning looking that certain doors would open to you more quickly; but the opposite can also be the case. Other doors may be less willing to open to you too.

The fact is that self confidence comes in part from having a balanced attitude, without an over emphasis placed upon one's looks. You are how you are and even if you change how you look (through cosmetic surgery, etc) this does not necessarily mean that you will like yourself more. In fact it is a known fact that the biggest failing in cosmetic surgery is the patient not adjusting and feeling happy with their new look.

If you want to better like how you look the first place to start is to search within your own mind to see whether or not your attitude is one which reflects balance. How high a priority are looks to you and should they really be that important? Do you compare yourself to other people in a similar position to you or to others whose jobs depend upon how they look? Why don't you see yourself as the unique individual who you are and love your differences from others?

Liking your looks is actually merely an outward expression of liking yourself as a person. By focusing upon your exterior and superficial looks you take your mind away from the things which could really help you to like yourself better. True liking of oneself comes from deeper aspects of your personality, not from your looks.

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