Natural Remedies for Curing Depression

By admin / August 8, 2009
By: Mehul Banker
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Depression is one of the most common emotional disorder's that is growing fast in today's hectic lifestyle. A variety of psychological and physical symptoms are produced by depression which as a whole constitute a syndrome.

Depression is one of the most unpleasant experiences in a person's daily life. It has a large number of adverse effects on the body and mind and is far more difficult to cope up than a physical bodily ailment. In today's modern life everyone has to face day to day mental stress and tensions and as a result it causes depression. When this disease becomes complex, it may lead to other mental disorders and even suicide.
The symptoms of depression are most difficult to analyze. It usually begins with the onset of symptoms such as inexplicable sadness and acute sense of loss, loss of interest and loss of energy. The patient usually lacks interest in the world around him and also feels tired. There is also a problem of sleeplessness or insomnia faced frequently. Other symptoms of depression are nausea, giddiness, itching, agitation, aches and pains, impotence, constipation, lack of power of decision making and lack of concentration.
One of the most common causes of depression is depleted function of adrenal glands. Irregular eating habits also lead to digestive disorders and indigestion which in turn reduce the supply of oxygen to tissues and raises carbon dioxide causing general depression. Depression is also caused by the indiscriminate and excessive use of drugs which leads to faulty assimilation of vitamins and minerals by the body.
Nature Cure for Depression: Anti depression drugs which are available in treating this disease offer temporary relief and also have a huge number of side-effects. Moreover they do not remove the root cause of the problem. Their side-effects include liver damage, insomnia, hallucinations, low blood pressure, difficulty in inhaling and urine retention.
Natural remedies first emphasize the need for regulation of diet, proper exercise, scientific relaxation and meditation. Mental health of a person is profoundly affected by diet. Depression is caused even by single nutritional deficiency. Nutritional therapy is therefore very important for building up the brain chemicals that affect the mood. Foods rich in vitamins such as green leafy vegetables, whole grains, eggs and fish are good nutritional supplements.
Persons suffering from depression should completely exclude alcohol, tea, coffee, chocolates, white flour, colas, sugar, artificial food colors, chemical addictives, white rice and strong condiments. Diet should be divided into three to four equal meals taken daily and regularly. Lunch should consist of whole wheat, chapattis, a glass of butter milk and steamed vegetables. Green vegetable salads, sprouts, and cheese can be included at night time dinner.
Physical activity and exercise also play an important role in affecting mood of the patient. If a person gets involved in some kind of activity or creative work, it automatically reduces the levels of stress and depression. The pleasure of achievement and satisfaction overcomes the level of stress and tension.
Exercise not only keeps the mind and body fit and active, but also provides mental relaxation and recreation. It is one of the best natural tranquilizer's. Exercise brings about psychological and physical changes that improve mental health and emotional power. It brings about a change of hormone levels in the blood and may also elevate your beta endorphins (mood affecting brain chemicals). Regular physical exercise should be undertaken everyday at a fixed time period. Walking is one of the best and safest forms of exercise. Taking out time from a busy schedule and devoting it to perform exercises provides a best output to both the body and mind. Walking for about 35-45 minutes a day gives a physical exercise to the body and provides natural oxygenation to the blood which in turn itself reduces the levels of stress and depression.
Sleep is also necessary for both the body and mind. It provides a relaxing and soothing feeling to the nervous system and brings about a feeling of freshness to do our daily tasks. Depressed patient should take at least 8-10 hours of undisturbed night sleep.
Meditation and relaxation are also very important in reducing depression. Relaxation eliminates fatigue and enables the muscles to work more efficiently by promoting proper blood circulation throughout the body. Practicing 'Shavasana' early in the morning is one of the best methods of relaxation.
Meditation increases the power of mind to concentrate on a certain external or internal location. It can be achieved by constant practice. It is advisable to meditate upon God as one becomes imbued with the quality of object on which one meditates. Meditation brings about a change in the hormonal balance in the body and thereby, reduces the levels of depression. Performing meditation early in the morning is very beneficial as it enables you to concentrate properly and effectively.

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