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By admin / August 12, 2007
By: Scott Kiere
Category: Motivation

Have you every truly thought about what it means to be aware? Aware in the highest sense of the word, seeing with scope and detachment all possibilities, all factors? Becoming consciously aware of your routines, your feelings, and your patterns is one of the foundations of living your life with purpose and passion. Self-awareness is the key that unlocks the door to your dreams, that allows you to step into neutrality and out of judgmental or unserving patterns.

Right now, consider your recurring patterns, the consistent themes running through your everyday life. Are you so deep in your routines that you forget to be aware of your needs? Your desires? Your dreams? Do you find yourself so mired in the repetition that change seems like a distant someday-maybe, but impossible this moment?

If, just now, you identified a pattern that isn't serving you or your highest good, you've taken an incredible step. Just now, you have taken huge strides towards changing your life. After all, by simply becoming aware of a pattern, you've made it 90% of the way to transforming your life.

The moment you identify a pattern, you set in motion the wheels of change. As you progress from one stage of awareness to the next, your ability to identify these patterns will increase exponentially. And as you notice a pattern, remember that when you identify a pattern, you always have a choice. Choose well. Choose what serves you, what serves your highest intention, and what serves the greater good. Where there's a pattern, there is always - always - a choice.

Remember this, and be ever aware of your choosing. Find your space of neutrality, the moment where you can look at a situation without judgment or attachment. Observe the IS as it is, right now, in this inevitable moment. When you find yourself blaming or complaining, breathe deeply and remember to ask yourself, "Does this way of behaving serve me or the greater good?"

Become clear with yourself and your desires. Begin to observe the moments in which you're less than neutral - the moments in which you blame, complain, attack, or defend. Complete your old patterns, thank them and let them go, knowing in your loving release that they've served you up until this point, and will do so no longer.

Additionally, one of the fastest ways to becoming truly self-aware is to begin a practice of self silence. Spend time in meditation daily, connecting to the IS. The more time you spend in silence, the clearer you'll become - the more aware you'll be. As this awareness enters, you'll be able to make new choices that bring about new results. The smallest shift in your consciousness may very well produce results beyond your wildest imagination.

Inspiration runs withinasthru you every second of every day. You are filled with inspired thoughts at any given moment. Do you have the courageous vulnerability to choose these inspired thoughts? To act on them? To become them? Can you become self-aware enough to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, to perceived wounds that keep you stuck in yesterdays?

Become awareness. Remember, where there's a pattern, there's a choice. Choose well, for your next choice may be the one that opens the door to your dreams.

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