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By admin / August 12, 2007
By: Scott Kiere
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All around, you may see people who are doing, having, and being what you'd desire for yourself. Have you ever given thought to how they achieved their dreams? The obstacles they've overcome? The paths they've had to walk? And has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the quickest way to realize your desires is to learn directly from one of them - to acquire a mentor to lead you on a straight-line path to your goals?

Imagine a world that lacked Ulysses S. Grant, Claude Monet, or Plato. The North may have never won the American Civil War. French Impressionist painting may have never graced our art world. And mathematics and philosophy may have never reached its current height. What do these three great historical figures have in common? They all had mentors.

The importance of finding a mentor in your journey to success - be it spiritual, financial, or relationship -based - is often one that's overlooked in a do-it-yourself world. Granted, it will all be done yourself, but finding a guiding light, someone who's "been there" and "done that" is an exceptionally efficient way to grasp your personal brass rings. Accountability is the first important step that mentors have to offer. Ulysses S. Grant had Abraham Lincoln, a powerful political father-figure to emulate, to guide him through his own historical ascension, and to whom he had to stay accountable. As his mentor, Lincoln held Grant accountable to achieving his goals, acting as a pillar of strength for the times Grant may have otherwise ventured astray.

As you choose your mentor, you should look for one who's one who'll hold you accountable for each step of your journey, one who'll lend a supportive hand while celebrating each of your goals, and one who's life vision is in alignment with yours. By choosing a mentor whose visions are in alignment with yours, you'll not only receive practical advice, but unbounded inspiration in what gives you the most passion. Choose a mentor who most closely represents, who most closely lives, those qualities that you admire. Perhaps you are most moved by social responsibility, a deep spiritual life, or a healthy family relationship - whatever your motivating factor is, search for a mentor who embodies those qualities through word and action.

So often in life, we're left floundering in what we were taught to believe as children, instead of breaking out and carving our own inspired paths based on our own truths. Enlisting the help of a mentor isn't just "believing what someone else believes," it's taking your own journey, discovering your own reality, but with the guiding hand of one who personifies that which you'd choose for yourself. And as you begin your search for a mentor, keep in mind that you may very well outgrow them some day. That's okay. Another will be waiting just around the corner to take you to even higher levels of achievement.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." - Indian Proverb

Are you ready to take the next step into your life's journey? Is a mentor exactly what you need to get over your professional and personal stumbling blocks? Follow your intuition, remain open to all possibilities, and you may find that your mentor appears through the power of your own readiness - willing and prepared to guide you to every single one of your heart's desires.

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