7 Paths To Affordable Legal Recourse.

By admin / May 6, 2007
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Using the law to solve problems or seek justice is expensive business. Many people do not fight for their rights because they just cannot afford the fees charged by lawyers and courts. And at times like a nasty divorce, injury, accidents, theft, loss of employment and more it is greater strain on meager finances that need to be stretched to cover contingencies. The situation of in affordability is quite common and recognizing this there are avenues set up that offer inexpensive legal help.

1. There are lawyers who set aside a small percentage of their case load to fight pro-bono cases for people who cannot afford the costs of paying courts and lawyers.

2. There are lawyers who do take on cases for a percentage of the settlement. When you meet a lawyer for the first time you need to be honest about finances so that between the two of you some agreement can be reached.

3. There are legal services run on federal funding. These offices provide legal assistance to those fighting civil cases. These offices however only take on cases below a certain income level. And, they do not handle criminal cases.

4. Many bar associations and institutions run legal clinics where qualified lawyers will help you weed through legalities when you are preparing to represent yourself, pro-se.

5. There are in place what is known as courthouse facilitation services. These services help people file papers, fill forms, pay fees, and process legal claims. Their job is to help individuals understand and unravel the court systems.

6. Public defenders are qualifies lawyers assigned to defendants in criminal cases by the DA's office or court. These lawyers provide free or low cost help to those involved in criminal trials.

7. Low cost legal help is available to those who are not poor but do not have income levels that support legal costs. In these programs lawyers give advice and handle legal proceedings for the lowest possible costs. If you need to know about such programs ask the court clerk or law librarian. Otherwise surf the World Wide Web where one can get in depth information on legal aid programs.

Considerable information is available at: http://www.abanet.org/legalservices/delivery/delmodesthelp.html and several other web sites that are devoted to helping laypersons deal with legal matters.

While help is available you too need to be ready to help. Make a file and write down the exact sequence of events. Note down anything that comes to mind as important. List the names and addresses of all those involved in the case. Be clear why you need legal help and always be honest, never hide facts especially if you are in the wrong.

There are organizations in the US that have been especially set up to provide low-cost legal aid to individuals, families, and small business. A network, the organization offers a package deal where for a small yearly cost they will handle x amount of legal work. And since it is a package the rates are discounted, for instance the cost for a traffic ticket defense will normally be USD 199 a legal club member will only pay around USD 89 as legal services. More information can be accessed at: http://namasta.com/services/otherservices.php?subpageID=41 .

Legal help is available to those who make efforts to find out details and fight for justice.

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