Would You Like to Have a Life With More Wisdom and Happiness Through Philosophy?

By admin / June 14, 2010
By: Ken Estevez Igarashi
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Have you ever asked yourself if there was a meaning to life? Have you ever felt that there was something for you to do here on this planet? Have you ever wondered if it was possible to live your life in a better and wiser way to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with your existence?

The wisest and greatest philosophers that ever existed on Earth have all pondered upon these questions and have found the answers through years of searching and studying either from a book, through personal development and experiences or having a Master who taught them the secrets of life.

Take Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, for example, a prince who lived in an ancient Hindu civilization who had EVERYTHING one could possibly want at that age. He lived everyday without a care in the world surrounded by the best luxuries and spent his time doing whatever he pleased. One day, he left the palace for a ceremony and for the first time witnessed something he never have before; old people, handicapped people, people with illnesses and diseases and ultimately, death, a funeral in the Ganges River. His father had kept him ignorant of these truths and in order to blind him provided all the goods in the palace. After this traumatic event, Siddhartha thought for the first time in his life the meaning of it and what he could do to help others.

That night, he left the palace and went into the jungle to seek knowledge and wisdom from many ascetics and Masters to attain enlightenment or Nirvana. He then went on for many years in a strict fasting and meditated for hours and hours and hours.

One day, as he was meditating as usual, he saw a music teacher passing by on a boat. He was teaching his students, "If you tighten the string of this instrument too much, it will snap! But if you do not tighten it enough, it won´t play."

From these words, Siddhartha realized that the PATH was in the middle way, the answer to one of the questions he was searching for. He realized that the life he had in the palace where he had everything he wanted and did anything he pleased at anytime was one extreme and the life he was living now of strict discipline of fasting and meditation was the other.

He said his good byes to his Masters and went on forth alone with the concept that he would be teaching later on to all of his students and followers, "The PATH to ANYTHING lies in the Middle Way."

He then took time to regain his healthy body that he had lost through the extreme fasting and meditated for sufficient time everyday. As he became one with this concept and many others he would teach in the future and realized the truth, he then became Buddha, the awakened one.

As we can all see, the answers to the questions we seek come in all shapes and sizes at the most peculiar time. All we have to do is to listen, observe, learn and what I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT of all which I see so few people doing, to apply and practice these teachings, concepts and principles in our day to day lives.

I am not a Buddhist nor am I associated with any particular religion or schools of philosophy but I believe in all great and wise philosophy regardless of who said it. I can definitely say without a fraction of a doubt that the application of these incredible teachings from Plato all the way to Lao Tsu has made a tremendously positive impact and improvements to how I associate with people and events that transpire in my life.

Is your life the way you want it? Are you living in one extreme of life or the other like Siddartha has done? Do you wish to know how to live your life with more wisdom, joy and bliss? Do you desire to know how you can end your struggles and suffering through many of the teachings Aristotle and others similar has taught?

The answers to all your questions has been answered by the wisest and the greatest minds this world has ever seen. Your search can end with their teachings. Of course you are always free to go on searching for them yourself which can take decades but do you not prefer, as the great Socrates said,
"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men´s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for"?

Whatever method you choose, I wish you the best on your journey and may it be memorable and illuminating. May you experience more fulfillment in your life as you become one with the wisdom and philosophy that has transformed countless lives throughout the millennia. Namaste.

Kenshin Igarashi(full name Ken Estevez Igarashi) is a Holistic Kinesiologist who combines his natural treatment with the application of world philosophy for emotional and mental healing. He invites anyone interested in extending their knowledge on philosophy in http://wisestphilosophy.blogspot.com/ Come and visit my blog and share your philosophy, stories and anecdotes today.

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