10 Ways To Reinvent Your Life

By admin / June 15, 2010
By: Cathy Webb
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It happens to everyone at some point, a life-changing event we did not expect. We lose our job after twenty years of loyalty to it, we get sick or injured, we lose a loved one, we have an “empty nest.” These times of transition can exhilarate our drive to set new goals or they can stifle us and slowly eat away at our energy.

Transitions in life require us to dig deep within ourselves and pull up our true values, desires and strengths. It is not an easy task. Sometimes we feel lost and alone in the process. This is a time when a life coach can be of great value to you.

Someone who is objective and who can see the big picture for you will be able to assist you in putting your life back together for the better. Sometimes just talking with a life coach can help you clarify your dearest dreams and set them into motion.
This is the hope of every professional life coach, to see a client soar towards an improved way of thinking and towards a better life, a life they create that will bring them joy again. For some people, finding their life purpose or dream is a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. A life coach has tools that you can utilize to focus yourself and to find those dreams that are locked inside of you. Amazing results can come from this process.

To begin reinventing your life after a transition, here are 10 steps to assist you :
1) Acknowledge that your life will not be the same, but focus on the intention that it will be better anyway. You will make it so.
2) Make a quick list of your feelings right now.
3) Make a quick list of how you want to feel now.
4) List 10 strengths or positive things about yourself.
5) List 10 activities that you enjoy and that would bring a smile to your face at this moment.
6) Look at a calendar and give yourself a deadline for making at least 2 positive changes in your life.
7) Put this date on the calendar and on a card that you will see each morning.
8) Follow-through on the two changes and reward yourself when they come to pass.
9) Set a new deadline with 2 more positive changes.
10) Find someone to cheer you on….a friend, a life coach, a counselor.
You will find that this process will begin to put you in a new mindset for setting new goals and you will have confidence to set bigger ones. Before you know it, you will be in a new place in your life and you will feel in control of your life once more.

Cathy Webb is a professional life coach in Georgia who has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to create a life that they love. She is an expert in assisting those in the transitions of life.  visit her website at http://www.myholisticlifecoach.com for more tips and free tools.

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