Putting Life In My Days

By admin / May 16, 2011
By: JD Pence
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Feel like there are days in your life, but no life in your days? This is my story.

Years of building a successful teaching career came to an end one evening as I walked out of a parent teacher conference after being accused for the last time of expecting too much of a student. I was finished being caught in the middle of angry parents, administration, grades and budget restraints and depression. I would miss my students, but (I had thought many times over the past few years) there had to be better ways. It was time to stop trying to make a life for myself, and time to live the life I already had.
My first order of business was to run a half-marathon. A fan of The Biggest Loser, I’d watched as a five hundred pound man ran a full marathon after training for a matter of a few months. My average 140 pound self had no excuse not to and everything to gain. I spent my summer training for it- some of the best days of my life. I’d wake up to my running shoes and pound the pavement for hours, listening to my favorite songs on my $20 MP3 player from Kmart, watching the sun rise, and basking in the cool morning breeze. As I ran the last leg of the race at the end of the summer, finishing with sore feet and a huge smile on my face, I felt like a new woman!
Next, as I had only a few months of summer pay to live on, I needed a job. I decided (since I was fed up with convincing a technology crazed generation that it was important to study verbs) that something where I could make people happy would be just the thing. I got a job at the Cheesecake Factory selling really good food and getting to hear the oohs and ahhs as I set huge, steaming hot plates of beautiful food in front of them. It was definitely a pay cut from my teaching position, but I could sleep in every morning and have no homework to grade every evening. My friends started commenting that a weight seemed to be lifted from my shoulders. I couldn’t help but agree.
As I came alive after being stressed out for years, excitement set in. I started dreaming about my future again. What adventures awaited now that I had the energy to venture out in them? I decided my first adventure would be starting a side business of my own selling feather beds. I knew I had found my product when I sank down in three inches of feathers. What better business than to provide people with a glorious way to rest from their busy lives! I had found heaven on earth.
There are still days I mourn the loss of my salaried paycheck. I have to pinch pennies for now and plan ahead for purchases I would not have had to think twice about last year. Even so, the challenge is worth it. I no longer count days until the next break, or dread having to get up at 5am on Monday morning. There are no stacks of papers haunting me in my sleep and I don’t have to continually tell the children in my life to sit down. Someday, there may be a revolution in Education and I may try my hand once more at teaching. Until that day, I will be enjoying my life and laughing at the days to come. Whatever your story is, I know that you too can find the life in your days.




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