Happiness Outdated?

By admin / May 16, 2011
By: JD Pence
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Happiness is outdated in American today, yet even in the middle of our Blackberry schedules and our bottom lines, everyone truly wants to be happy. Perhaps the reason is that we believe deep down that if we earn more and do better that happiness will be reached. Truthfully, I have found that happiness is much more easily achieved by slowing down, doing less, appreciating more.

There is nothing I enjoy more than waking up in the morning refreshed and happy. In my own quest for happiness, I have found that getting adequate rest is a key ingredient to happiness. I quit my all consuming job, which I’d worked for years to get, got a job as a waitress, and gave my body time to sleep. I even invested in a high-quality feather bed to make sleeping that much more enjoyable. After one night of sleeping with no alarm clock to wake up to, I found myself groggy the next morning. A week of giving my body all the sleep it wanted and I felt stress seeping out of my hands and feet. After a month of adequate sleep and I was ready to tackle training for a half marathon!
So often I have found myself with so many things to do that I end up simply organizing my tasks into manageable amounts and never really getting much done. I am finding so much happiness in finding something important to do and simply doing it, without worrying about all the things I’m not getting done. Working this way, I end each day with a few important things done completely and done well. Amazingly, I find that I am more confident in my work, my relationships, and find more time to do things that I truly make me happy.
Taking time to be honest with myself about how I feel has been probably the most important factor in finding happiness. When I realized I was unhappy, I was finally free to stop and change directions. So often I was too busy being busy that I didn’t realize I was unhappy. There is so much color and variety in the world, yet more often than not I analyzed the beauty around me with shoulds and shouldn’ts instead of finding what truly brought joy. When I stopped to appreciate the emotions inside, I was set free to appreciate the things surrounding me that caused them.
Happiness is completely possible. Not the smiling-at-all-times-no-matter-what kind of happiness, but the deep down, full, rich sense of rightness and joy. All I needed was to slow down, do less, and honestly appreciate what was in and around me. I am confident you can and will find happiness too.

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