Guide to What Hypnosis Really Is

By admin / November 15, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Many people are curious about hypnosis and wonder will "hypnosis" work for them? There are too many references to hypnosis in dictionaries, encyclopedias, articles, books or on the internet to do them justice in one short article. That said, my aim here is to cut through hyperbole and get straight to the point. I want, in just a few short paragraphs, to remove the all too popular myths and misconceptions regarding the natural and normal state of hypnosis and instead to show you not only what hypnosis really is, but how it is in fact ESSENTIAL in our lives.

I can hear you mind fighting against my assertion that hypnosis is normal and natural. What, you ask, is normal and natural about somebody else clicking their fingers, "knocking you out" and making you cluck like a chicken or, worse still, run around naked and make a fool of yourself?...My response?...steady on there, what made you think that's what happens? Where did you get these assumptions from? What makes you so sure this is what hypnosis is all about? You see, most people are a little nervous about hypnosis, they are afraid they might lose control, BUT, at the same time, they would like IT to work for them!

If you want hypnosis to be of benefit to you, if you want it to work for you, I ask simply that you keep an open mind here and let us look at hypnosis with fresh eyes (and reference to proven scientific research).

You go to sleep every night and gradually pass through different levels of relaxation /alertness as you do so. As you sleep, you access different states in a cycle throughout the night. Much has been written about these cycles and I do not need to go into them in any depth for the purpose of this brief guide. All that you need to accept is that scientific research has proven, beyond doubt, that your brain waves alter as you drift off to sleep and continue to alter during the period of sleep.

The brain waves associated with normal waking consciousness are beta waves, whilst alpha waves are produced when you are in a state of waking relaxation but with your eyes closed. The alpha state is the dream like state between wake and sleep. As you dream each night (during REM sleep) your brain shows a theta wave pattern. Theta waves also occur during active motor behaviors, such as running. In fact, athletes, musicians and artists produce increased alpha-theta brainwave patterns.

Time to pause for a moment and check that you are happy to agree that this is all normal and natural "stuff". You do accept that science has proven that as you pass from a waking state to a sleep state your brain wave patterns alter? And that waking, relaxing and sleeping are indeed normal?

When in hypnosis your brain wave patterns also change to a predominantly alpha, alpha-theta and theta state, alpha waves being associated with a light hypnotic state and theta with a more profound state. These are NATURAL states. In learning to use hypnosis you learn to induce these states at will. Why, you ask, might you wish to do this?

Firstly, in a world where "Stress" would appear all too frequently to be the order of the day, to be able to relax at will is an ESSENTIAL ability. The theta state could be described as one of tranquility, creativity and very deep relaxation, and the emotional sensations experienced include restful alertness, daydreaming and deep tranquility. I ask you, who wouldn't benefit from being able to induce that state at will?

There is a further reason why hypnosis is ESSENTIAL to creating positive change.

It is has been proven that the purpose of the REM (trance) state, which everyone accesses for approximately 2 hours every night (whilst dreaming), is to allow your brain to modify primitive emotional responses and behaviors. The REM state is a mechanism which allows your brain to resolve conflicts. And it has also been proven that one cannot survive very long without this restorative action taking place. Therefore, whether you are aware of dreaming or not, be assured that you do.

Hypnosis is the same state - Thus everyone is hypnotizable. You already use hypnosis every night as you dream. Hypnosis is natural and normal, so natural in fact that many do not realize that they are hypnotized.

Once in this REM (trance) state, it is easy to alter for the better your instinctive emotional response and behavior, just as your brain does this automatically each night while you dream. You can literally "rewind" the pattern you are running, just as you can rewind a movie, and then replay it in your mind in a modified manner. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural way of retraining your mind through positive thought and suggestive techniques and can be used for many life enhancing changes; from aiding better sleep and changing long engrained habits to improving performance and overcoming debilitating phobias - it really can change your life forever.

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