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By admin / June 9, 2009
By: Kai Jumat
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In this article I'm going to tell you something you already know. You probably heard it many times before from others or maybe deep inside of you. Yes that's right life is like a Game. Often times people take life too seriously. They get too calculative and risk adverse. In any game, if you are too focused on not losing, will you enjoy the game? The answer is NO!

The Price is Right.
How many of you have watched 'The Price Is Right', the famous American TV game show.
If you haven't, basically contestants place one bid on an initial product; the player who bids closest to the product's actual retail price without going over then gets to play one of several mini-games for an additional and more substantial prize or prizes. Contestants are selected at random from the large pool of contestants in the background crowd.

OK, what I want to point out isn't the about how 'crazy' the game is but more on the emotions and mentality of the contestants. Look at how happy they were went they were chosen. Look at the emotions. When they were placing a bid and eventually didn't make it, they didn't hide and lose morale. Infact most show their true emotions and supported the players that won. They look forward to the next challenge. They showed the true self of what human have inside of us. We have that dying desire to succeed. It's funny how those contestant didn't pause and ponder on the risk involved if they lost. They knew if they won it will be great, but if they lost, nothing will happen; worst case, no prize! At least they enjoyed the game and had their chance and shot at succeeding!

The same holds true for life. Life is like that game, although not so materialistic in that essence. I'm not teaching nor implying to gamble away your savings and hope for the best. But what I'm trying to convey is that no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, you will always be able to get back on your feet as long as you are breathing.

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