3 Steps to Incredible Stress Relief

By admin / August 2, 2009
By: Stephen Pierce
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If you struggle with stress you aren't alone. Sixty percent of people say they experience stress at work on a regular basis. Two thirds say they have concern about the amount of stress in their life. More than half of people worry about the impact of stress on their health.

The good news is that even though you can't rid stress from your life completely, it is possible to experience stress relief and to flip it on like a switch. You have the power to automatically relax your mind and body. The ideal situation is to continually manage your stress so that it doesn't consume you and damage your body.

There's an stress-relief exercise I frequently use and I encourage you to try it out the next time you feel distracted by stress. Here are the 3 steps of this exercise:

1.) Focus your mind on the situation, person or action that is stressing you out. Breathe in and out through your nose as you think about this. Sometimes it can take a while to determine the exact source of your stress. It's important to take the time to uncover what it is that is causing the stress.

2.) Clench your fists tightly. Visualize everything that is stressing you out and, in your mind, bring that stress into your closed hands. Squeeze your hands as hard as you can without hurting yourself. Continue to visualize the stress flowing into your hands. Feel the stress in your hands and entire body as you clench your fists. Breathe quickly in and out as you do this.

3.) Say the word "cancel" out loud and then open your hands. Visualize the stress leaving your hands. Allow your body to relax and focus on something that makes you happy or could make you happy if you could experience it. Slow your breathing once again and continue in this relaxed state for a few minutes.

Do this exercise every day if you need to. It's an exercise you can do at work or at home. The more you can bring your mind and body back to a relaxed state, the easier it will be for you to spot new opportunities and possibilities for your life. People who manage their stress have fewer physical problems and fewer financial problems.

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