Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress: 3 Warning Signs Of Anxiety And Stress To Watch Out For

By admin / June 16, 2009
By: Michael Lee
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The physical symptoms of anxiety and stress are usually related. Either you get stressed and anxiety gets to you, or you feel the anxiety and become quickly burdened with stress. Whatever the case scenario might be, there are warning signs which help you figure out just how far gone a person is feeling.

Even someone who doesn't have a medicine degree would be able to spot the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. Here are some of them:

1) Increased Perspiration

A person who feels a certain degree of anxiety and stress will definitely find himself/herself sweating buckets. It could start with sweaty palms first before moving over to the armpits.

Stress actually sends a signal to your brain to create hormones which are responsible for causing sweat. To stop yourself from sweating too much, I suggest you learn some breathing exercises to get your body in control. Or at least, trick your mind into thinking you're not stressed at all.

2) Trembling

Trembling is one of the more common physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. You've seen versions of this on cartoons; but you might be surprised to discover how accurate they are once you're in a stressful situation.

It's not always your whole body that trembles though. It could be your hands or just your legs. Back in high school, I remember having trembling hands when presenting in class.

You'll grow out of it soon, but one advice is to keep yourself calm and collected always. If your hands can't help but tremble, curl them into fists and uncurl them again so as to control the tremors.

3) Pounding Heart

Another one of the usual physical symptoms of anxiety and stress includes the pounding heart. Dug. Dug. Dug. I'm sure you've had moments when you felt like your heart was connected to a really loud bass speaker.

You normally don't hear your own heartbeat unless you have a stethoscope on; but there are instances of extreme anxiety and stress that you can almost hear it pounding in your ears. Or moments when you feel like your heart is pounding so hard, it just might leap out of your chest!

These are the top three physical symptoms of anxiety and stress. These indications may just be reminding you to take it easy, but you must also take the necessary steps to eliminate them.

If you want to overcome sweaty palms or uncontrollable shaking in important events, then relaxation, breathing techniques, and mind-over-matter can keep these symptoms at bay.

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