Had enough STRESS yet? Help your mind be stress free.

By admin / September 18, 2009
By: Kari Farmer
Category: Stress Management

A lot of people have not heard of two little words that cause a dramatic change in your mindset.

Basically your brain goes through many frequency cycles throughout a single day. These different frequencies produce different effects to the human consciousness.

For example, 4-7 Hz, which is classified as Theta waves, is associated with Dreams, Deep Meditation, and REM sleep.

When you are just falling asleep at night you are probably in the 7 - 13 Hz range, classified as Alpha waves, which are associated with Relaxation, and before and after bed drowsiness.

The 13-40 Hz range is called Beta waves. Your brain is here when it is active and busy or doing thinking and active concentration or even arousal.

It's not surprising that using this information, it has been discovered that the brains receiving and operating frequency can be altered by sound waves.

This is what's called binaural beats or binaural tones.

So when we listen to a binaural beat we can help ourselves get pumped up or fall asleep or anything in between.

So how can you use these to your advantage when it comes to stress?

There are tailored beats that will help you do all sorts of things like relax, meditate, focus, improve your memory, increase your energy, fight addiction, and even make you more creative.

In short they can help you focus your mind to where you need it to be to take your stress away or sharpen up your mind which can also help with stress.

Do not worry about binaural beats taking you on some sort of acid trip or someplace you'll never get back from. It's not like hypnosis or being under a spell.

Basically we try to relax all day by taking deep breaths or thinking of a relaxing place. Binaural beats are taking us to that place for as long as we listen to them without having to take a thousand deep breaths in a row.

Give them a try and I know you'll be telling everyone you know about them.

This website has instant downloadable binaural beats tailored to help you get through the workday and if you are like most people the workday can be very stressful.

Click here to learn more about this website.

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