3 tips to protect your health from stress

By admin / January 10, 2011
By: Shiphrah Jessica
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Chronic stress has been considered as a prominent cause of hordes of diseases and complications like high blood pressure, greater risk of heart attacks, premature aging, weight gain, depression, disturbance in sleep pattern and weak immune system among others. It is extremely important to find ways of reducing stress and protecting your health. Three prominent tips to manage stress are,

• Work out

Any kind of physical activity helps in proper circulation of blood to vital organs and rejuvenates the body. Finding and allocating time for working out in the gym or at home is important for staying healthy. Exercising can reactivate the cells in your brain and make you feel refreshed the whole day. To avoid monotony of workouts, you can follow a variety of exercise regimens and also indulge in sporting activity or dancing.

• Meditation

Yoga and meditation can be perfect for alleviating stress and leading a peaceful life. Yoga is a science that includes breathing techniques and poses that increase body’s vitality, health, strength, focus and higher consciousness. Practicing Yoga and meditation regularly can counter chronic stress and related complications.

• Diet

A proper diet can bestow you with health and help you control stress. Low fat diet and including many servings of fruits and juices in diet can be appropriate for reducing stress. The antioxidants in the fruits will allow the body to flush off the toxins and metabolic waste and streamline the functions of the body which in turn will result in less stress and perfect health.

For the past 29 years Brad Wessler has been actively involved in the health and wellness industry. Brad Wessler believes that to be healthy, people must focus on both physical and mental fitness.

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