Mythical Chinese Dragons

By admin / April 11, 2009
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Chinese dragons are usually drawn as very snake-like with four legs and a very long body. Most dragons are associated with evil put Chinese dragons depict power that is not necessarily evil. The Chinese dragon is regularly found in Chinese art and folklore. The male Chinese dragon is a symbol of the male or yang and is thought to control the weather and rain.

Historically the Chinese dragon belonged to the emperor and could not be used by any commoners. The presence of the dragon as a symbol has fluctuated depending on the government and message portrayed to the rest of the world. Dragons are linked with war and aggression and it is for this that China has switched to using the Panda as a symbol. Angering dragons is also dangerous as angry dragons have cause some of the most horrific floods in China, as any flowing water are controlled by dragons.

Dragons control all moving water, including waterfalls, rivers and the four seas surrounding China. Some of the most horrific floods, remember all of the floods of the Yellow river, that occurred in china are believed to be caused because someone angered a dragon. The dragon is also worshiped for its ability to bring rain, as China is largely and agricultural country.

As emperors could only use dragons, both emperorers and dragons are also associated with the lucky number nine. Nine can be seen in the make up of dragons, as dragons can be described using nine attributes. The break down of their scales, 81 that are positive and 36 that are negative are factors of nine. The most important officials would wear robes decorated with nine dragons.

In present day believing in dragons is not as prominent but the Dragon is still worshiped for its control of the weather and rain. Much of the dragon is still present in Chinese traditions. Chinese is a largely agricultural country so the importance of water is great and the dragons control all the water including the North, South, East and West Seas.

Besides controlling water dragons also have many other powers such as changing its size or being able to be invisible or glow. Dragons can manipulate water so it turns into fire. Dragons most likely were derived from a type of ancient crocodile that was able to predict rain. It is thought that the legend of dragons emerged from this crocodile.

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