Ghosts – They Are Real and Can Be Pests

By admin / April 6, 2010
By: George Hanover
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Ghosts don't exist right? What you can't see can't bother you; isn't that what we've been told? Yet, over and over, evidence of ghosts appears. Some of the strongest evidence comes from people who didn't ever believe in them. This is one such story.

Meet the Man who Didn't Believe in an Afterlife

In his great book, "The Dead Are Alive", Harold Sherman presents the case of A. J. This man was a very concrete, no-nonsense person who lived in Oklahoma. He worked in the technical field for many years and didn't believe in an afterlife. So, when his wife Wilma died in the early 1970's, he was devastated. Depressed and lonely, he even contemplated suicide.

However, he found a copy of Harold Sherman's book, You Live After Death which was originally published in 1949 and reprinted in the early 1970's. The book gave him hope and at the end of the book was a personal letter from Harold Sherman encouraging people to write to his ESP foundation in Arkansas which A.J. did.

An appointment was set and A. J. drove the many hours from his home in Oklahoma to meet with Sherman. At the meeting, A. J. wanted to know how to find out if life after death existed and if so, contact his wife, Wilma. Harold Sherman, taking A. J.'s technical background into consideration, told him about EVP recordings and gave him some technical literature on the topic. This appealed to A. J. who had nice recording equipment and he went home determined to make contact with the spirit world.

Frustrated Months

A. J. was really excited about the prospect of EVP contact with the spirit world. However, he did the process daily for months with no results. Although he was discouraged, he stuck with it.

Day in and day out, nothing! Recording and listening, recording and listening to nothing. But finally, after three months of daily effort, A. J. got his first voice! It wasn't Wilma but it was a start.

Finally, Great Results

Once A. J. made contact, the results grew with each recording session. A. J. was picking up all sorts of spirits wanting to communicate. Eventually, the day came when his beloved wife Wilma's voice was on the recording.

A. J. was able to communicate with Wilma and a nephew who had died in childhood. There were also many other spirits asking for help.

A. J. Relocates to Arkansas

A. J. was consulting with Harold Sherman ever so often presenting his latest EPVs and experiences. The drive from his home in Oklahoma was very long so finally he decided he needed to be closer.

He moved to a town in Arkansas where his daughter was living and rented an old home. This is when he discovered ghosts can be a pest.

Leave My Wife Alone!

Setting up his recording system in the living room of his new residence, A. J. started the process with which he had become so familiar. Calling out for his wife, Wilma to leave him a message on the tape.

This time, there was an angry man's voice on the tape telling him to leave his wife alone!

A. J. questioned the voice and found out the man's name was Frank. Frank declared this was his house and for A. J. to get out. He also asked what A. J. had done with his wife, Wilma. Frank was intruding on every recording session angrily demanding that A. J. leave and making threats.

This was perplexing to A. J. He had much experience by this time but had not encountered a spirit stuck in his location. He consulted Harold Sherman about the situation.

Frank was Real

After listening to A. J.'s situation and drawing upon years of experience, Sherman advised him that there might have been something traumatic that happened in the house. He suggested that A. J. see what he could find out about the history of the house.

A. J. found an older neighbor who told him that many years before, a man had been murdered in his house in the very room he was recording. With this clue, A. J. went to the newspaper archives and found the following story:

A man named Frank Bradley had owned the house and in April of 1947, a young man, who was dating Frank's daughter, came to the house accusing the girl of dating someone else. The girl was not there and for some unknown reason, the young man became enraged and murdered Frank. It was so unexpected, brutal and quick, Frank didn't know what happened to him.

Frank had been married to a woman named Wilma, (an unusual coincidence that an earthbound spirit, in a rental house, would have the same first name as A. J.'s wife), who had died a few years before Frank was murdered.

Seeing the Light

Now A. J. knew Frank's story, he thought he could reason with him. However, Frank was too confused. This is not uncommon from a traumatic death.

Finally, A. J. managed to get through to Frank and came up with a way to help the spirit reach the light. With help from other spirits, Frank was reunited with "his" Wilma.

Finally, after 30 or so years, Frank was at peace.


Whether we believe in life after death or not makes it no less a reality. The less we believe, the more likely we are to be "stuck" as a ghost. EVPs are the easiest way to demonstrate that the spirit continues after death.

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