Add a spark to your love life with Feng Shui romance tips

By admin / December 23, 2007
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Our personal relationships form the core of our support group and when we have our loved ones besides us, we can face any situation in life. When an individual has his loved ones around him he gets the motivation to do better, has a higher confidence in himself, feels appreciated and loved and his self worth increases. It is no wonder therefore that people give so much importance to love and romance. However, things are not always hunky dory between partners and problems may occur. Effort needs to be taken to ensure that the bond remains strong and the relationship is full of love and positive vibes. Also it may so happen that an individual may not have found his soul mate yet and is still searching for the right person. Whether it is to strengthen an existing relationship or to attract new love into your life, Feng Shui romance tips can make a world of difference to your life.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to balance the energies and elements in and around our living space. Every element like air, water, earth and fire has been assigned a particular direction, color and property. Each element also exerts control over certain aspects of our life like health, wealth, personal relationships and career. So if you want to positively influence your relationships and love life then Feng Shui romance tips might be a potent tool for you. Some of the objects that can be used as powerful Feng Shui romance tips are the mandarin ducks, crystals, etc. If the pair of ducks is kept in a couple's bedroom it enhances their relationship and strengthens the bond between partners.

The south western corner has an influence on our relationships and marriage. If you place a clear crystal or pink amethyst in this corner then it acts as an enhancing factor for the relationships. Even little gestures can make a difference to your life and your relationships. Flowers are a great way to activate positive vibes in any living space. It is desirable to keep fresh flowers or even silk or artificial flowers in your home or office. However dead or dried flowers are extremely negative for your surrounding and thorny plants like the cactus can cause arguments within the family. Leafy green plants are also symbolic of a healthy and nurturing family but avoid placing too many plants or greenery in the south western corner as excess of it may be detrimental to your relationship.

Placement of any object in pairs in this particular corner is an effective Feng shui romance tip. However, make sure that if any one of the pair is broken it is immediately replaced. Also, completely avoid placing any object in a group of three as it may indicate the presence of a third person in your relationship that causes infidelity problems. If you are unmarried then effective romance tips include peonies, which can attract love into your life. Whatever may be the tips that you are using, the prime consideration should be that you consult an expert before implementing any tips or it may backfire causing more damage than benefits.

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