Top 5 Important Reasons Why People Breakup

By admin / January 25, 2011
By: Leah Kennedy
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Even if a couple appears to share a special connection, that is no guarantee that the connection will continue to be strong forever. Reasons why people breakup can vary, however the most basic reason is when one or both people feel the need to end the relationship . Love and relationships can leave someones life just as quick as they entered it. This article will explore some reasons why people breakup.

You no longer trust your partner

When you make a commitment to someone, you immediately put your trust in them. You obviously love this person or you wouldn't have committed in the first place. Trust means you believe in this person and feel they have your best intrest at heart. You have confidence in that your partner will stay completely faithful, and will love you with their whole heart. But a lot of times, the person you trust does something reckless, or stupid and that trust becomes damaged. The love dies along with belief. Often times, once that confidence is broken and you no longer love them like you did, you decide that you don't want to be in the relationship after all. This is one typical reason why people breakup.

The differences between you and your partner

Typically, when you start a relationship with someone, one reason you chose them is because you have things in common with them. But then often times at some point you or your partner discover some huge differences you had not seen before. Things just aren’t the same and sometimes the differences can be so overwelming that you or your partner just can't get past it. Eventually it becomes too difficult to move forward when something so strong holds you back, hence a reason people breakup.

Interference from others

Have you ever been in a relationship where your family or maybe your friends didn't really like your partner? This happens a lot more than it probably should. If you are having a disagreement with your partner and are a little upset with them, who do you talk to? You got it! Your friends and family. After they hear you talking about them in this way, it often makes them resentful towards your boyfriend/girlfriend. Another example would be if you have a friend that you were close to and spent a lot of time together. If you are spending more time with your partner instead of them, they can become jealous and try to sabatoge your relationship.

Relationship matures and becomes comfortable

Have you ever heard the saying “comfort often breeds contempt?” Also with mature relationships you often see boredom playing a large role. Some people have difficulty handling a relationship, the differences, and the feelings of contempt that have built up. Not to mention the boredom they feel. Then you find that one or both of you decides you want out of the relationship once the excitement is gone and needs are not being fulfilled.

The loss of love


Often times, things seem to be on track, but when the love is gone, the relationship doesn't have a decent shot at working out. While love is the reason people begin a relationship to begin with, it is also the main reason couples drift apart. You might be so in love with your partner right now, and the same goes for them, but there may come a point, like so many others, that love just seems to fade away.

All of the reasons people breakup are extremely unfortunate, but it is a reality that we have all have had to deal with at some point in our lives.

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